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1:13 on a Wednesday {Roll Call}

Christmas is almost here! And that usually means there is tons and tons of stuff that needs to get done! Let's see what the Undone gals were up to on the last Wednesday before Christmas. 

{The Undone Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:13 on a Wednesday

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Family Appreciation {Daily Diaries}

    I would like to start out this post by saying, Merry Christmas! Us Undone ladies are taking a little break this next week to spend some much needed time with our loved ones. Thus, I won't be writing on this blog until after Christmas! Thanks for all of your support :) Onto the good stuff.

     I get a bit emotional during Christmas time. I'm not quite sure if I can pin down 1 reason why... It could be the Christmas music, the white symbolic snow, the good deeds being done, the cherished time spent with family and friends, maybe it's the fact that Gracie is growing up and another year has slipped right through my fingers, or the other fact that I'm getting older and that my smile line on my cheek is getting more and more predominate. Or is it that I always look back on a year and think about all of the things that I've been through and accomplished? I just can't pin it down. One thing I do know, though, is that I love my family.

     I love Jared. He is, and forever will be my rock. We've actually been through some tough places this year and in the moment it seemed rough, but looking back we did pretty well. He truly keeps me grounded. He is also a great therapist. He will stay up till the wee hours of the morn talking to me about all of the things going on my crazy head. Also, I love my baby, Grace. (Yes. She is my baby. At almost 16 months old.) She never ceases to amaze me. She learns so quickly and is so smart. She is also very patient with me and is the most forgiving individual I know. I'm so lucky to be her mother.

There are some other people that I would like to introduce to you today! And these are the other people that I'm very thankful for! From left to right :)

My brother in law, Dez. My little sister, Olivia. My mom, Tammie. My dad, Dave. You all know Gg. My little brother, Coulson. And you know Jared and I. These people are some of the greatest, most loving people I know. I'm truly grateful for them in my life.

I would like to give you my top 12 moments of 2012.

1. Growing closer to my husband. We've made it one of our personal goals this year to get to know each other better. I think we've definitely accomplished that. I love him so much more than I did 4 1/2 years ago. Crazy how that happens :)

2. Watching my baby grow. From her first taste of rice cereal to her first steps. It has been so much fun to watch her grow! And they grow so much from birth to their first year of life. I seriously adore this little girl. She's perfect.

3. Gracies 1st Birthday party! We had so much fun celebrating this kiddos life! She loved all of her toys and books. But she HATED playing in her cake. She is so funny! I cried the night before her 1st birthday because I was so sad that she is was growing up. But I put on my big girl britches and realized that that is the best thing about being a parent. Watching them grow is the most wonderful thing.

4. Seeing my sister be sealed to my brother in law. That was such a good day. And I'm so proud of my sister for making the choices that did so that she could be married to her sweetie for eternity. I love them!

5. My dad turned the big 5-0. It was fun teasing him about being an "old" man :) He is such a good dad and I feel grateful to have him in my life. I love watching him play with gg. He goes from this power-house business man to this giant teddy bear/goof! It's the best :)

6. My brother in law, Brian, (Jareds little brother) graduated from high school and he received his mission call to Canada! He is such a good brother to Jared and a wonderful uncle to Grace. I'm so excited to see him grow and serve our Heavenly Father! Ps. He's also going to be speaking Mandarin Chinese. In Canada. Crazy, huh!?

7. My other brother in law, Todd, (Jareds other younger brother) was also married! He married a cute lady named Emily at the end of July. I've never seen Todd so happy. And it was so good to see Jared's side of the family again. We don't get to see many of them often.

8. Jared and his school advisor found out that Jared will finally graduate in February of 2014! Thats a little over a year away!!!! I'm so excited for Jared to be done with school. I know that the last year of school is tough, but I know he can do it.

9. We took a trip to Cedar city with with my parents and Libby's new inlaws. We stayed in a cabin that they have up in the mountains there. It was so pretty! We 4-wheeled down to a hiking spot and then hiked to a beautiful water fall. (Where I actually fell in. I'm so clumsy.) It was so cute to watch gg on her daddy's back bouncing up and down in the back pack. She was only 9 months old at the time and did so well! The scenery was just beautiful and I loved spending some extra time with Jared.

10. This past August marked a whole year of me being a stay at home mom. This has been such a blessing to me. I never thought that I would love staying home as much as I do. (don't get me wrong, sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out and banging my head on the wall lol!) I love being here for every new thing that Grace says and does. It's also given me more time to do some things that I've always wanted to do but just haven't had time. Like writing in my journal more frequently, learning how to knit, hanging out with my mom and sister more. And this is all thanks to my hard working husband. I am so blessed to have a man who will allow me to stay home with our kids.

11. I received a new church calling this year...and to be honest, I was totally shocked that the Bishopric thought that I would be good for this calling. I'm the primary Chorister. And let me tell you. I was totally terrified for about the first 3 months that I did it. Singing and leading music are NOT my forte. But I've gotten used to it now, and I can truly say that I love being in the primary with the little kids. They have taught me so much! And I can kinda lead music now! lol! It's been a HUGE learning experience. But it's been worth it.

12. We created the Undone Blog! Hooray! This has been such a fun experience. It's been a blast getting to know Whitney and Tiffany all over again.  I'm so lucky to have two wonderful friends who I can talk to and not be judged. I have so much fun with Whit and Tiff. Everyday we chit chat and end up laughing our heads off. We've worked really hard to get this blog up and running and we all feel like 2013 is going to be a very productive year for us!!! I can't wait to see what all we have in store for us in the future. I love you ladies so much :) PS. ERIN! You rocked our faces off with your beautiful blog creation! And you're a gem as a person. I know that us Undone girls sure think a lot of you. Thanks for all of your hard work on our behalf.

And there you go! I hope you all look back on this year and reflect on your favorite memories of 2012. I hope that most of those wonderful memories were spent with the people that you love. Here's to a New Year! Bring it on 2013.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ornament Surgery {Frequent Frustrations}

So once upon a time I kinda got sucked into one of those mail order clubs, if you don't know what I'm talking about, think order 15 CD's for 1 penny, or get 25 Dr. Seuss books and a backpack for $8 and we'll send you new ones to preview every month. Yeah, I know, I'm a sucker, it's true. So the one I got pulled into was ornaments, and not just any ornaments, Disney ornaments!
{The Undone Blog} Disney Christmas Tree
Give me a little bit of credit, because it's not terrible like the CD thing where the price of the CD is a penny but it's $20 shipping for each CD, and then later you have to buy 10 CD's at $25 a piece. They just send you an ornament every year and if you don't like it you can send it back for free. I know they make their money from people feeling too lazy to send it back. But I won't lie, I LOVE the ornaments, although Darren says they're expensive, but they're the same price or less than Hallmark ornaments. Alright, you have to pay a little for shipping, and they do seem to be going up in price every year, and one totally lame thing is when they send two and charge shipping on both. That last reason is why Darren didn't let me get this year's ornaments, which were an ADORABLE Sully and Mike from Monster's Inc.
Ah! I wanted those guys so bad! Oh well, maybe next year I can track them down on Ebay. We did get 3 new ornaments from the Disney Store this year, so I guess I can't complain too much. Especially since our new ones are majorly cute too. 
{The Undone Blog} Disney Christmas Tree
Anyway.... I've encountered one BIG problem with these ornaments... Quinn LOVES them! They're TOO cute and they look like fun little toys. Not to mention they are all of her favorite characters, so who can blame her for wanting to play with them? My tree has been "undecorated" several times. I basically ended up putting ornaments on the tree according to one rule - the more Quinn likes a character, the higher their ornament goes on the tree. This was working ok until she randomly found The Incredibles DVD and fell in love. Unfortunately their ornaments were near the bottom. 
{The Undone Blog} Disney Christmas Tree
The Incredibles are off the tree almost every day, but thankfully they're pretty sturdy and don't have any parts that can break off easily. Sadly, that can't be said for most of the other ornaments. I've had to do several ornament surgeries with my handy dandy super glue. Angel Donald's wings were broken off, both of Goofy's ears and his whole HEAD was broken off, Minnie lost an arm and a leg, Mater's tow cable was snaped, Cinderella lost both arms, our swinging Snow White became swing-less, Piglet had a cracked snowflake, and the saddest of all, our new Rapunzel lost an arm, which I couldn't get to fit right when gluing!
{The Undone Blog} Disney Christmas Tree
What is actually the saddest part about this one is that it happened in the car on the way home from the Disney store! And I made it even worse! Quinn just broke Rapunzel's hand off, and then I put her in my coat pocket and she got smooshed when I was taking Quinn out of the car! So maybe I should cut little Quinn some slack? Rapunzel is still our favorite, and I bet no one would know anything was wrong with the arm if I hadn't just shown you! 

After so many ornament injuries I've been cracking down on character safety. I've stopped letting Quinn take ornaments off the tree, even if she throws a fit. I told her they are just for looking and they have to stay, and usually she has me hold her up and let her touch every single one (even Buzz at the tippy top of the tree), and she leaves them on the tree. Except The Incredibles. I've had a hard time keeping those guys safe. I guess I could move them up if it comes to that, but I really don't want the bottom third of our tree to be bare! I'm hoping next year she'll be a little better, but who knows, she could be worse! So I'll show you a few of our favorites in case they all end up broken at the hands of Quinn. 

{The Undone Blog} Disney Christmas Tree
Soooooo, we have 2 Rapunzels. We like her a lot, ok! I really love all of them, but it would take me too long to take a picture of every ornament and I don't want to bore you to death! Next year we're getting Spider-Man, no matter what! What is your favorite ornament? And how do you keep your toddler away from them!? I need to know! 

Help me keep these cuties safe! 
{The Undone Blog} Disney Christmas Tree

I hope you all have a great Holiday, whatever it is that you celebrate! I'll be off to Montana celebrating Christmas with my huge extended family for a week, so Merry Christmas from Wall-E and me! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

German Pickle Tradition {Daily Diaries}

Today I want to share with you a Christmas Tradition in my family! My mom's family, Bargar, is from German ancestry and this fun tradition that I am sharing today goes back to her roots in Germany. It is the Tradition of the German Pickle

Let me give you a little background about it first: 
John Lower, a German man, was born in Bavaria in 1842. He left Germany with his family and immigrated to the United States. While fighting in the American Civil War, John Lower was captured and sent to a prison in Andersonville, Georgia. He soon fell to poor health given the poor conditions of the prison. Starving, he begged of a guard for just one pickle before resigning to his death. The guard, taking pity on him, found and gave John Lower a pickle. Lower family lore yields John's testimony that the pickle, by the grace of God, gave him the mental and physical strength to live on. After being reunited with his family he began the tradition of hiding a pickle on the Christmas tree. Hence, the first person who found the pickle on Christmas morning would be blessed with a year of good fortune... and a special gift, just as John Lower had experienced!

According to German tradition, the pickle brings good luck and was the last ornament placed on the Christmas tree.On Christmas morning the first child to find the pickle was rewarded with an extra little gift left by St. Nicholas. This German tradition encouraged the children to appreciate all the ornaments on the Christmas tree, rather than hurrying to see what St. Nick had left for them.

So for our family the tradition goes a little like this: 
The pickle is placed on the tree just like any other ornament on the same day, normally Dec. 1st, that we decorate the tree.Then on Christmas Eve, after we all went to bed Mom and Dad hide the pickle ornament deep within the trees branches.

Then on Christmas Morning the kids get to try to find the pickle ornament in the tree when mom and dad say go. It is like a little hunt and a race to see who finds the pickle first. It is not as easy as it sounds. Since the pickle and the tree are both green it actually takes a while, and we get kinda vicious and competitive about it especially when we got older.

The child who finds the Pickle first and gets it out of the tree wins an extra present, and in our family that is a nutcracker. My mom has a whole collection of nut crackers and each year she gets a new one for the winner who gets to keep it and take it with them in adulthood. The nutcrackers in the picture above are the ones I have won throughout my childhood. I now use them as Christmas Decor and have great memories behind them.

Back in the day we used to just use a real dried out pickle to hide, but then we were able to find the glass ornament and have used that ever since. My cute friend Ashley knew about this tradition that we did, and thought it was so funny but a cool tradition. When Ty and I got married for our wedding present she gave us a pickle ornament of our own, so that we could continue on the tradition in our own little family. Thank you Ashley, it really did mean a lot. We are really excited to start this tradition with our two little guys when they get a little older.

Thank you for letting me share one of my family traditions with you today.

I also wanted to wish you a
From my family to yours 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Where's Kati?

Hey ladies! You may have noticed I am not on last few roll calls, I am sad to say I will no longer be contributing to UNDONE. I wish the blog all the best, but at this point in my life I need to focus on my photography more and most importantly, being a mom. I will be rooting from the sides and commenting on their posts for sure! Rest assured, I'm still as undone as ever.  :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

10:05 pm on a Saturday {Roll Call}

Happy Saturday!  Saturdays are usually one of two things, really busy or really relaxing. What category did your Saturday fall into? It was pretty busy around Undone!
{The Undone Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 10:03 pm on a Saturday

Check out our looks and read about our days! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Stocking Holders {Daily Diaries}

Since we shared a craft with you earlier this week, I decided to share something else I made for the holidays and turn this into a full craft week from me. Why not get all of our crafts out at once? I basically didn't make anything new for Halloween this year so I thought I'd try a little harder for Christmas, and my favorite thing that I made this year are these cute photo frame stocking holders!
{The Undone Blog} DIY stocking holders and free printable!

I have a sparse collection of pretty random Christmas decorations, which is probably the norm for most people in their twenties. Most of my stuff is my mom's cast offs and then a few inexpensive things I've picked out since Darren and I have been married. I try to add a little bit each year, and one thing I've wanted for a while is stocking holders. But I have had a hard time finding any that I like that don't cost a fortune. I seriously cannot believe how expensive stocking holders are! A few weeks back my problems were solved by Pinterest when I saw this

and this
and I realized I could make some, since I'm so picky and cheap. The only obstacle was then getting all the stuff together, and that took a few weeks because I'm cool like that. So here's what I got and how I made my cute little creations. 

Supplies for one stocking holder

2x4 block cut to 5.5 inches 
3.5x5 photo frame
Wooden letter
Craft paint and brush
Small nails
Glue gun

Once again I turned to my dad for my wood cutting needs and he cut the base block for me out of some scraps he had lying around. Then I sanded off the rough edges and painted them red. I only did one coat because I kind of liked the wood showing through. After they dried (wich wasn't long because I just used craft paint), I screwed in the hooks. Very poorly, I might add. I'm terrible with a drill, so these are a bit crooked, but oh well. Once the hooks were secure I figured out were I wanted the frame and letter to be and I tapped some small nails in to help give the frame and letters some stability once they were glued down. Lastly I glued the frames and letters in place. 

Here's a pic of the set up with the nails and the glue.
{The Undone Blog} DIY stocking holders and free printable!

Before I hung the stockings I threw a couple of Command Strips on the bottom of the base to keep everything secure. Darren was worried about the stability of these things if they got pulled on by the kids, so better safe than sorry! 
{The Undone Blog} DIY stocking holders and free printable!

Then I hung the stockings and took a step back to admire my work! 
{The Undone Blog} DIY stocking holders and free printable!

I found my frames and hooks at Target and I paid $3.99 for each frame and then another $3.09 for a 2 pack of hooks.

My letters were on sale at Hobby Lobby, bringing them in at $2 each. So with the paint (89 cents) and the photos (60 cents for both), these stocking holders came in under $20 for the set, which isn't bad. The cheapest, most boring and totally plain stocking holders that I found were still $10 each, and the cute ones were like $15 to $20 each. And these are totally personalized to my kids and WAY cuter than anything I have seen in stores. 

These are definitely my favorite Christmas item in the house! 
{The Undone Blog} DIY stocking holders and free printable!

And what do you think of my naught or nice sign? Guess what, I made that too! And because I love all of our followers so much, I'm going to share it here on Undone, for anyone to print and use!

{The Undone Blog} Naughty or Nice printable
I'm new to this whole offering a printable thing, so if you can't access this image let me know. But I'm pretty sure you can click on the photo and save the jpeg file to your computer then print! 

I hope you all have enjoyed my crafts this week. I know they're not the most "Undone" thing in the whole world. But we want to show all sides of our lives, and with messes and tantrums dominating most of our time, it's exciting to share the few moments that are less messy! But if it makes you feel any better, I went through the most ridiculous ordeal getting the photos printed and I hate the quality of them! AND before I secured the stocking holders Darren decided to "test" out their strength and sent one flying right into my back, breaking the frame off! Now that sounds more like the Undone life! How many mistakes and mishaps do you usually encounter before you finish a project? 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fence Post Snowmen {Practicing Pinterest}

Winter is upon us! And the holiday season is in full swing, so what's better than some super easy winter crafts? Today we're going to share what we made on our fun craft day a few weeks ago.

{The Undone Blog} 4x4 posts, fabric scraps, and socks make a snowman!
You might be thinking, "Hey, I'm an Undone mom, I don't have time for crafts!" Or maybe you think you don't have skills to make your own decorations, but don't worry, we've got your back ladies, this is a super simple, finish-during-nap-time, craft. Which are our favorite kind at Undone. 

I (Tiffany) was lucky enough to have had half my fence blown over last December, har har, so I had a giant pile of wood sitting on the side of my house. When I saw this pin, I knew exactly what I could do with some of that old fence, that was of course still sitting on the side of my house long after the new fence was put up.

Source: repinly.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

So I invited all of my Undone sisters who were interested in the snowmen to come over and make them with me! My AWESOME dad cut the posts down to size, because none of us ladies were qualified to operate a power saw, and then we got to creating.

If you want to make these for yourself all you need is...

- a 4x4 post cut into 3 pieces (ours were recycled from the fence)
- craft paint and brushes
- socks for hats
- elastic or twist tie to "bunch" the hat
- fabric for scarves
- buttons for eyes and buttons
- wood scrap or whatever you like for a nose
- a glue gun

Then you paint the wood, put on the hats, glue on the faces and buttons, and tie the scarves. You could do that all during nap time right!? If you want a more detailed tutorial, Whit wrote one up on her blog, A Mommy's Life with a Touch of Yellow.

So here's a look at how each of our snowmen turned out. We had so much fun making them our own and not just creating carbon copies!

{The Undone Blog} 4x4 posts, fabric scraps, and socks make a snowman!

{The Undone Blog} 4x4 posts, fabric scraps, and socks make a snowman!

{The Undone Blog} 4x4 posts, fabric scraps, and socks make a snowman!

What do you all think? I am IN LOVE with mine! They are the perfect thing to hide the outlets on my front porch. Plus I had so much fun making them with my friends. What kind of winter/holiday decorations do you have up? We want to see them! And of course, if any of you end up making these snowmen, we want to see them for sure!

Monday, December 10, 2012

12:15 noon on a Sunday {Roll Call}

Sunday is a day of relaxation around my house. Some of us go to church, some of us spend time with family, and some might just take it easy before the week starts up again. What do you do on Sundays? Here is what we were wearing and what we were up to at noon on Sunday.
{UNDONE} Real Life Mom Fashion - 12:15 pm on a Sunday

Find out more about our day right here!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas for Kids {Daily Diaries}

I can’t believe how fast every year goes by. 2012 is almost over! I always look forward to this time of year. The Christmas season is one of my favorites. I love the feeling in the air. The lights, the Christmas trees, the decorations, the giving of gifts, family traditions, yummy treats etc. I’m so excited for Grace to know and have all of these wonderful things that Christmas brings.

     My worry though, as I’m sure many of you have, is that she will get caught up in the commerciality of Christmas and not care to understand the
 true and wonderful meaning of why we celebrate Christmas. Now, I know that Grace is too young right now to even understand why we go to church or why we celebrate certain holidays. I mean, she’s only 15 months old. But when she is old enough to understand, what do I do? How do I help her understand that Christ is the reason we celebrate? How can I help her know that it’s not about getting gifts, it’s about giving gifts without the thought of receiving? 

     I’ve heard many ideas like making an advent calendar that is specially made for the giving of service to others. Or throughout the year save up all of your extra change and cash in a jar and then on Christmas eve leave it on the doorstep anonymously of someone you know is in need. I guess my question for you is, how do I keep Christ in Christmas? What has worked for you? Please help me out! This season has turned into "What am I getting for Christmas?!", instead of, "What am I going to do for others this Christmas?". I feel like Christmas in no longer centered around Christ. And I definitely want my family to be one who loves, honors and serves our Savior all year long. Especially at Christmas time. So. Let’s hear some ideas :) Please! 

ALSO! We are going to do another GIVEAWAY! We will start when we hit 50 likes! If you aren't following our blog yet, please do! Thats one automatic entry :) If you are a follower, then tell your friends to follow us too! 50 likes! We're almost there! 

PS. We love to hear from anyone who reads our blog! Comments are our favorite. So keep 'em coming! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To {Daily Diaries}

So it was my 26th birthday last week. I have to be honest, I wasn't as excited for this birthday as I usually am. YIKES! Am I already to the point were I want to stop counting birthdays!? Now I know I'm not old, per se, and I don't feel that way (too much), but I don't exactly feel young anymore either.  I made a lot of jokes about "when I turn 25 again this year," but it's not like this feeling is a new 26-year-old thing. It's more like the birthday was another thing to add to the list of stuff that has sucked my youth away. Ok, overdramatic I know. But what has happened to me!?

I used to live for rock concerts, now I prefer to relax in the back if I ever go.

I used to stay up until the wee hours of the morning, now I'm lucky if I make it past 10.

Almost EVERYONE I know from high school is pregnant at this very moment, or planning their next pregnancy, and I'm 98.8% sure I'm done having kids.

I graduated from college over 2 years ago.

I graduated from high school almost 8 years ago.

Next October I will have known Darren for 10 years.

I can actually reference certain things in 10 year increments.

Both of my baby sisters are in high school.

I like buying clothes for my kids better than myself.

I used to HAVE to make it to the midnight premiere of every big movie, now I'm lucky if I make it to most movies while they're still in theaters!

And so on...

But hey, that's life right? You grow up and stuff changes. I still get out every now and then, even if it's only a couple times a year, and I've got some awesome friends who are always a blast. Even though I'm getting older, I wouldn't go back to be 16 for anything - even though it would be great to rock out in the front row at Blink-182, there are so many things that are AWESOME about my older person life! My kids are the cutest, and I don't have to worry about homework, and who can say that's not great?

And all in all my birthday was great. I got a new phone,

Nexus 4 phone

some wicked new boots, 
Ursula Wedge Boot

and two new books, among other stuff.
World War Z & The Casual Vacancy - Birthday gifts

And we also went to see "A Christmas Carol" at Pioneer theater, which was FABULOUS! 
A Christmas Carol playbook

So I guess 26 is ok. At least Darren will always be one year older than me, so I can still feel younger than him :)
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