Wednesday, September 26, 2012

5:01 on a Tuesday {Roll Call}

Alrighty, it's 5:01 on a Tuesday and it's time to see how Undone we are. Did anyone get cute and fancy?  How many of us took a pajama day? And who landed somewhere in between? ROLL CALL!!!
UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 5:01 on a Tuesday

Want to know what's going on in our lives when these pictures were taken? Check out or individual pictures to find out. This week we decided to include a special Jr. roll call.

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion at 5:01
SHIRT: mmmm I am not sure, I bought it like 6 years ago, JEANS: Motherhood Maternity, I know, pathetic.

Yes, that is milk and a crunch bar in my hand, it's been one of those days

and the wee ones are pretty stylin.... :/
UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion at 5:01

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion at 5:01

 PANTS: SUU sweats SHIRT: So old I have no idea, TANK: undercover mama

Sunday and Monday I was sick, I will spare you the details but it was something along the lines of a stomach issue. was totally my recovery day (since I was still not feeling 100% myself), and it was rainy outside so this mama and her boys took advantage of such an occasion with sweat pants and T-shirts. Sometimes you just gotta be comfy 
UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion at 5:01

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion at 5:01
HOODIE: Ross, JEANS: Buckle

I looked outside this morning and saw that it was overcast and chilly so I threw on a hoodie and some jeans. I help out my aunt (who is a single mom of 3) once a week and I clean and cook a weeks worth of meals for her and her kids. Today was that day for me. So I went for a pony and little makeup, knowing that I was going to be a mess by the end if the day. Before I head to my aunts house I drop gg off at my parents house so they can watch her while I'm gone because Jared is usually at work. So this pict was taken in my parents back yard right after I got back from my aunts house. Ta-DA!!!!

And here is my sassy baby. I kept saying "SMILE Grace!"
This is what I got.
A huuuuge skuzz. 
How does she know how to do that?!
UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion at 5:01

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion at 5:01
COMPLETE ENSEMBLE: My former place of employment

So, these clothes didn't come on until about 1:00, and then it was only because I was feeling bad about being so lazy. I thought being dressed might help me be more productive, but it was a no go. As you can see that I have no make up on and this is actually the way my hair was when I woke up, so yeah. But I recently took this shirt in a little and I think it looks pretty cute, so I have that to be proud of at least! 

And this is what Quinn was wearing at 5:00, it's pretty much awesome. Sorry about the blurry face, she wasn't excited about being photographed. She saw the camera and said "NOOO CHEESE!" 
UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion at 5:01


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