Saturday, September 15, 2012

Too Quiet {Kati}

Our house is a split level house, 3 floors. The floor with the family room/toy room, leads out to the fenced in backyard. Its pretty wonderful when you have a toddler. I can gate off the stairs, leave the sliding door open, and he roams in and out all day. Our backyard is pretty kid proof, he can't get out, there are no larges things in can knock over on himself, and the shed is locked. So I don't worry too much about constantly checking on him, that and I can usually always hear him or see him from where I am. 

On this particular day, He had been quiet for a long time(a couple minutes is long enough for a toddler) so I decided to further investigate the cause. 

I couldn't help but laugh hysterically when I came outside to see this....

UNDONE: Little Boy Moments

UNDONE: Little Boy Moments

argh. I am telling, this kid is too smart and intrigued by how things work. He figured out how to get his pants AND diaper off, and decided to run FREE!!! 

It is situations like this that keep me laughing and cool as a mom. 

Although, every time we buckle him into his car seat, he watching very intently to see how the buckle works. I am just waiting for the day I am driving down the freeway and I feel his little hand tapping on my shoulder to let me know he has figured out how to get himself undone. 


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