Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Crazy Thursdays {Daily Diaries}

Today's Daily Diary is what I like to call my typical Thursday. First off I feel like I have to tell you I am kind of a neat/organization freak and love to be on a schedule. I know, I know it is hard to have a schedule and its not so much things with my kids that need scheduling it is my errands and to do lists that need scheduling or I go crazy. When we moved into the basement apartment two years ago I made a schedule and have pretty much stuck to it. Wednesdays are grocery shopping days, Thursdays are cleaning/ laundry days, and now since Holden has been born we have a Monday as our second laundry day. We have a laundry day because we share a laundry room with Ty's grandma (We live in an apartment in her basement). I actually LOVE doing most of my laundry on one set day of the week because then I don't feel like it is never ending, ya know? You should try it, it makes the rest of the week so nice.

Next I have to say I do not like Thursdays. I used to like them even though they were busy but there is just something about them right now that gives me anxiety on Wednesday nights. It is partially Ty being gone from 7am to 6 pm, me still getting used to two kids and the fact that it is my busiest day of the week. Then when it is all done on Thursday night it feels so good and I feel so accomplished.So even though it is crazy it works for me. So here is a little glimpse of my typical Thursday each week.

{The Undone Blog} a day in the life of a mom

The day starts off way too late. Ok let me explain. My toddler is an amazing sleeper and sleeps from about 9pm to 10am. And yes, I know I should be getting up earlier and getting things done, because heaven knows I could get so much more done when he is sleeping, but I also have a newborn so I get sleep whenever I can get sleep so yes this lazy mama sleeps until 9:30 or 10:00 am. Yikes! I kinda can't believe I just admitted that to you all. So once Maddux (the two year old) is up I make him his regular breakfast of one waffle, a yogurt and some chocolate carnation for a drink (He will not drink plain milk so we get him to drink it however we can here people). Yes the picture on the bottom left is accurate I let him eat in front of the TV I know I am a terrible mom but this is the only time I can trap him long enough to let me shower and/or get ready for the day. Why am I admitting all these bad habits to you all? Once I get breakfast for Maddux, Kid #2, Holden, is usually ready to eat so as I feed him I also get to enjoy some mickey mouse club house. After Holden Eats sometimes he will go back to sleep and sometime he will have awake time it just depends on the day. I get Holden dressed while Maddux is still eating.

{The Undone Blog} A day in the life of a mom

Phew! It is around 10:30 and the kids are all fed or still eating. Now is the time I run up stairs and start the first load of about 5 loads of laundry for the day. Come back downstairs make myself a quick breakfast and eat it while I do my hair and makeup.  

{The Undone Blog} A day in the life of a mom

 I get the kids down and get Maddux dressed for the day finally around 11 am. Once Holden (baby #2) decides to take his nap I start on the deep cleaning in this order, kitchen, bathroom, dust whole apartment, vacuum apartment. Maddux is always wanting to help which isn't very helpful at all but hey if he is showing interest in cleaning might as well give him a duster and see what happens. Cleaning takes 2 to 3 hours with rotating, folding and putting away laundry in the mean time. Poor Maddux gets raised by the TV on Thursdays, but I promise I play with him every other day eeeek. I am sounding horrible.

{The Undone Blog} A day in the life of a real mom

In the middle of cleaning I get Maddux lunch and down for his nap. Once he is done I get a quicky lunch.  I finish cleaning then Holden wakes up and is ready to eat and have some awake time. Sometime awake time is happy and sometimes not so much. This week it wasn't happy time so we tried a few things to keep him happy and me sane such as going outside to get some fresh air and using the baby carrier. After some awake time, Holden goes to sleep, I finish some laundry, no I have not sat down since that morning except to nurse, and finally I have about an hour to sit for a minute and relax.

Aw I love when I have that little window on Thursdays that the cleaning is done, and both boys are sleeping. I sit, relax, finally find some time to drink a glass of water and yes maybe even watch a little Days of our lives that was recorded earlier that day. I might get through the episode and Maddux wakes up. Sometimes he wakes up happy and sometimes not so much. This week he did not wake up happy so we played outside to cheer him up. Mind you I am still not dressed for the day.

{The Undone Blog} A day in the life of a mom

I finally get dressed just about the time Ty is going to be getting home. I am normally not this bad but I don't want to clean in nice clothes so I don't get dressed until it is done. Most Thursdays we then just wait for Ty to come home from school, we eat dinner and just play and enjoy him being home. But once a month, which happened to be this week this month, I have Bunco down in Syracuse (I play in my moms group). So at 5:00 I go pick up Ty from school and we drive down to Syracuse. This sounds simple but oh man it was a disaster. I feed Holden at 4:45 he finishes I get him in his car seat then I can't find the keys, Maddux falls gets hurt and starts crying, Holden starts crying and I start crying because I cannot find the keys any where. We were all crying for about 15 minutes. I found the keys and we seemed to all get it together and got in the car to get Ty. I played bunco it was a great night came home and went to bed. Bed time in this house is a disaster but we will save that for another post. And there you have it that is my crazy laundry and cleaning Thursday. Aw Fridays are so glorious. Clean house, hubby only at school for a couple hours and lots of time and energy to play with my boys.


Morgan Swenson said...

Lady! You are amazing :D. I wish I could be so scheduled. If you think you have bad habits with your kids then I won't tell you mine lol!! They're probably ten times worse. Coming from a daddy who loves technology and does it for a living I swear my kids are always wanting the TV or phone or computer. (I'm way terrible -but sometimes its the only way I get anything done). You're such a cute momma!

Alli said...

I have two days of the week where my toddler is raised by TV. Not perfect, but its working and I'm just trying to stay sane!

Tiffany Renee said...

I feel like I'm probably worse than all of you, because Quinn has started putting the remote in my hand and saying "show" or "idaman, idaman, idaman!!!" And I don't even have a new baby, so I've got no real excuse!

Whit said...

Morgan- Thank you so much you are so sweet and know how to make a girl feel good. But yeah i get the whole technology thing. Maddux is always playing the ipad or our phones but it is how i get things done

Allie- We totally just have to do what keeps us sane. A sane mother that lets her kids watch TV is better than a crazy cant function mother right?! plus in the winter months it is especially hard to keep them from the TV when you can't really go outside anymore.

Tiff- you are not worse. Maddux brings me the remote all the time. Oh and we have movies recorded on our DVR so he gets mad when he is watching regular TV and we can't fast forward

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