Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spouse Wars{Frequent Frustrations}

My Frustration for this post is one that will be long lasting. What do I mean by that? Allow me to explain, with a picture:

{The Undone Blog} Frequent Frustrations - Messy Men

This is our "playroom." On Saturday my hubby ate lunch down here, and used a TV tray. The TV tray is dusty because it belongs in the garage. I asked him if he could put it away, and he gave me a few reasons why he wants it to stay right there. To which I replied with the reasons I want it to go, and at the end of the conversation, it appeared as though I had won. 

But here we are. 4 days later. Its still there. 

Now I don't consider myself a nag, more of a reminder. Jason always says though that the problem is I just dont give him enough time in between "reminders" to do whatever it is I asked. 

So here we go. Start the timer. How long do you suppose it will take my hubby to put this darn TV tray in the garage where it goes?

(This experiment will only work if he doesn't read this post, so cross your fingers!)

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