Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pajama Party {Frequent Frustrations}

So this is Quinn.  She just turned two.  She loves Minnie Mouse, Spider-Man, and her big brother.  But she HATES getting dressed.
{The Undone Blog} toddler problems
The second she sees me coming near her with clothes she lets out a shrill "NOOOOOO" and runs.  It doesn't matter what the clothes look like, what time of day it is, or where we're at, she pretty much always has an equal reaction to the prospect of wearing daytime clothing. I have been able to lure her into getting changed with a special Minnie Mouse and Spider-Man shirt, but she's got me outsmarted, because as soon as the shirt's on she's done and then its a fight to get her pants on.  I think that she would LIVE in these Minnie Mouse PJ's if she could.  And somedays I let her, because its just not worth the fight.  But some times I can't do that (those things do have to come off for washing every now and then),

and this is what I get...
{The Undone Blog} Toddler Problems
Poor girl.  I'm basically the meanest person ever for taking away her "mimmie's".  Ah, I hope she'll grow out of this phase soon, but its actually a pretty recent development, so I'm not holding my breath.  And don't even get me started on what its like to get her hair looking decent.  That's a whole other post! Anyone else have a clothing reisent toddler?  And secondly, does anyone have any advice!? 

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