Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Of course I'll do that, Honey! {Kati}

This is the first of a series called "Frequent Frustration"
It is I, Kati. Let start this by saying I adore my husband. He is such a wonderful man. A couple weeks ago we blessed our second baby boy in the LDS church. After, we invited everyone over to our house for brunch and for them to get a chance to meet Charlie. It was wonderful, and we both come from such huge families, that it required as many extra chairs as possible. We have 4. So at the end of this gathering, after everyone had cleared out, Jason and I began cleaning. I asked him if he would fold up the chairs for me.

And he did....
UNDONE: Messy men
2 days later, they are still there! oh boy. I thought when I asked him to fold up the chairs, it was just a given that it also meant could he put them away. A man's mind. 

But then I catch him in moments like this and I forget all my frustrations...

UNDONE: Messy men

Anyone else have a cute hubby that needs step by step instructions?

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