Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bedtime Meltdowns {Frequent Frustrations}

In my household a current frequent (and when I say frequent I mean twice a day) frustration is how my two year old would say it "night night time" which is both nap time and bedtime. This is a frustration for me and him. He has total anxiety about going to bed, but once he is in bed he is just fine doesn't get out and goes right to sleep all the melt down is right before. Take for instance nap time, as soon as I wash his hand after lunch he starts winning "no change a diaper" because he knows the routine of lunch, change his diaper and then nap time. Then as soon as I am done changing his diaper he says over and over "no night night, no night night." nap isn't the worst though the worst is night time. We have a night owl on our hands. Again as soon as he sees his jammies he freaks out starts crying, so we calm him down call them comfies instead and finally get him all changed.

UNDONE: Bedtime Frustrations

Then this is a regular occurrence we have to calm him down after changing him by letting him either watch a little TV with us or let him play on daddy's Iphone, or as this picture shows tonight he wanted both.

UNDONE: Bedtime Frustrations

He is also very particular about how he sleeps and what he sleeps with, but who isn't right. He has to have his bed all set up and ready for him to get in it ahead of time with his Simba and baby
UNDONE: Bedtime Frustration

He has to have his fan on in his room for the white noise

UNDONE: Bedtime Frustrations

And his biggest musts are his "soft blankie" (which he is super attached too and even more so since Holden has been born) and his binkie (which is going to be the death of me trying to take this thing away from him)

UNDONE: Bedtime Frustrations

Once all the bedtime routine is completed and time to finally go to bed this is what happens even after all the calming down and soothing. Tears and Screams "NO NIGHT NIGHT" over and over again all the way into his room

UNDONE: Bedtime Frustrations

We get to his room give him his nightly kisses and loves "We love your ears, we love you nose, we love your eyes, we love your toes" as he repeats" no night night" through the whole thing we lay him down leave the room and he goes to sleep. All that anxiety for nothing. I do not understand. I know he is two but it is so frustrating. His anxiety gives me anxiety. Problem is he is just like me. I get so anxious about everything. Good thing I am totally in love with this boy, I could just do without all the nightly screams. Anyone else have a child hate bedtime this much, but then sleep so good once they are in bed?


Anonymous said...

Totally understand the sleepy time drama! Just a quick paci tip though for when you are ready to attempt to beak the habit. My son was the biggest pacifier junkie ever, we are talking one in each hand while he slept. I dreaded the day when the pacifier would go. I heard that if you cut the tip of the pacifier off it is supposed to help wean them off easily. So, my husband rounded up all the secret stash pacifiers and we cut the top off of everyone (it was bittersweet, I may or may not have shed a tear) while my son was sleeping. When he woke up he said they were broken. He carried them around still for a day, but not in his mouth. Day three he announced we couldn't fix them so he wanted to throw them away. Easiest thing ever, if only sleep was this easy! Good luck!

Whit said...

That is such a good Tip thank you so much I will for sure be giving that one a try. I really hope it works because it is time to get rid of it. How old was your little one when you broke him of it?

King Family said...

I wonder if you started reading him stories in his bed if going to sleep wouldn't seem so awful? One of my boys hated going to bed, but storytime in bed made it something he started looking forward to. Good luck!! I know what you mean about their stress giving YOU stress!

Whit said...

we read him stories but I didnt think about actually doing it in his room. we usually do it out in the living room and then got to him room. We gave that a try tonight and it went really well at least tonight it did so that is nice. Thank you so much for that tip :)

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