Saturday, September 15, 2012

Parker's New Bed {Daily Diaries}

My baby boy is moving up to a big kid bed! What's that you say? People don't usually keep their kids in a toddler bed until they're 7? Weird. So are you trying to tell me its time to finally admit to myself that my little mini baby is actually not so little and mini anymore? He was only a 4 pounder people!  You can't start out that tiny and then expect me to be able to mentally process it when you need a TWIN BED! Okay, okay, so maybe we waited a little long to get Parker out of the toddler bed, but one of the main reasons why we were actually trying to wait as long as possible (his feet are seriously hanging over at this point) is because he has a ridiculously small bedroom. Oh and TONS of toys and junk. I didn't really want to take up any of his play space and I didn't really want to do the gut-wrenching sorting and giving away process, yes he's 7 and I still shed a tear every time he outgrows something. So there are the real reasons we didn't do this sooner.  Okay, and maybe a little bit of not wanting my baby to grow up.

One of the first rooms I did anything to in this house was Parker's room, and I put A LOT of thought, time, energy, tears, and love into it. He was just 3 when we moved in and, like many 3-year olds born in the last decade, obsessed with Disney's Cars.  So that was the toddler bed he picked, and that was the room design we went with. I'll save all the details of designing his room for another post, but I'll give you some pics from before the new bed.
{The Undone Blog} Cars Bedroom
Ah I love this room, and now I've got to change it up! I love redoing things and having something fresh, but I hate the process of deciding what and how. I've been brainstorming for a while about how to keep things working with the new bed and now it's time to start implementing.  So first thing's first, bring in the bed!
{The Undone Blog} Cars Bedroom
Parker had a clean room this morning before soccer, but was busy messing it up while we were waiting for my dad to come over, so all of the mess got pushed to the side

{The Undone Blog} Cars Bedroom
This is how Parker helps
{The Undone Blog} Cars Bedroom
Vacuum-sealed memory foam mattress (pretty sure my kid is way spoiled with a memory foam mattress)
{The Undone Blog} Cars Bedroom

{The Undone Blog} Cars Bedroom

{The Undone Blog} Cars Bedroom

{The Undone Blog} Cars Bedroom

This bed probably deserves its own frequent frustrations post. It took Darren and I FOREVER to agree about it. Hmmm, that's probably another reason it took so long to get him a bigger bed. Truth be told, probably the real real reason. My parents actually gave this bed to us about a year ago. It was formerly my now 18-year-old sister's, and she had taken MY old bed, and this one was just taking up space at their house. Well Darren hates it. I'm pretty sure the sole purpose for this hate is because it's not brand new. He likes new things, and I like saving money, so there was a clash on this subject. After a trip to the local furniture store on Labor Day, where we found nothing we were interested in, we finally compromised on getting a new mattress and "trying out" this bed. It's got a little spot where the finish has come off on the front, so we'll see what we can do about that, but I love that this bed matches his dresser and that it has drawers!

We didn't have any twin size bedding so we had to go to the store and get some, and here's where I got an exercise in what it means to being a good mom. Of course I wanted to get Cars bedding to keep with the theme, but I was pretty sure it wasn't going to happen. Although Parker loved Cars when we made this room, and he still likes it quite a bit, he likes a lot of other things now too. I could've just went to the store and picked up the Cars bedding, or even a solid color, and then I'd have my perfectly cute Cars room. But this is Parker's room and I had to tell myself that it's more important that it is filled with things he likes, rather than meeting my visual standards. So I took Parker to the store and let him pick. I won't say that I  wasn't trying to "lead" him towards the things I liked, but I was perfectly fine when we left the store with these lovely sheets.  Star Wars and Cars don't clash too much, right?
{The Undone Blog} Boy"s Bedroom
My kid is happy, so I'm happy. 

Oh and stay tuned for some updates on Parker's bedroom!


Aniyah Bautista said...

Parker was supposed to be the one who should try the mattress first, right? Hehe! It's okay because he's going to sleep there every night from then on anyway. On a slightly different note, I can see that his room his filled with toys and other stuff. Playing all day can take its toll on any kid, so its nice that he has a comfortable bed he can retire to. Thanks for sharing!

Tiffany Renee said...

He definitely has A LOT of toys, Aniyah! He loves having a big bed though, I'm sure it's definitely more comfy! And it's a bonus that there is toy storage as part of it!

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