Saturday, September 15, 2012

Practicing Pinterest {Kati}

Binder Clips: A perfect unexpected use
I found this pin a very long time ago, and just saw it again the other day. It looked to be perfect for an issue I have in the bedroom(an electronic issue, people. Tisk tisk).

Does this happen to anyone else?:

UNDONE: Binder Clip Cord Keep in use

Its my phone charger. I try to keep it draped over my nightstand for easy access, but somehow(probably toddler related) it alway ends up on the floor. Even though I KNOW its on the floor, cause it is everyday, when I climb into bed I totally forget and then have to heave myself over the bed to reach it. 

So the pin was perfect.

I bought the supplies. Heres the issue with the pin. Those cords it works with totally fine, but the end on my cord wasnt big enough to be caught from falling. So I did a little tweaking and added a paper clip to my cord. It adds the bulk my cords needs to get caught. 

Here is result A:

UNDONE: Binder Clip Cord Keeper in use

Issue #2 with this pin is that locating the clip on the side of the nightstand keeps me from being able to use the full length of the cord when I am in bed. Soooo I moved it to the lamp on my night stand.

Result B:

UNDONE: binder clip cord keeper in use

My end thoughts on this pin is that its a good quick fix to the issue. It is definitely not pretty by any means, but it is very practical and easy to configure for your own space. I like it, and I will keep it until a better solution comes along.

So did I nail it, or fail it?

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