Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winter blues {Frequent Frustration?}

I have a confession. I am scared to be alone with my toddler during winter. Meaning, we are a 1 car family right now to save some money for a new SUV, soooo I will be winging it all alone at home with a toddler and a baby. Last year it was fine, he was too little to care. This year, he LOVES the outdoors. Our yard is completely fenced, he can't open the gates, and the yard is kid proof. So all summer I just left the sliding door open and he came and went as he pleased, and it worked. What am I going to do during winter?!

So I am addressing the masses. You, my fellow mothers, help. Tell me what kind of things to do with a Toddler indoors. We live in Utah, so the snow will be heavy. Send me pins, ideas, blogs, etc., whatever you can think of that will help alleviate some of my fear.

Monday, October 29, 2012

11:27 am on a Monday {Roll Call}

Hello Monday. After a weekend full of Halloween fun this Monday morning is a particularly hard pill to swallow. Let's see how the Undone moms are holding up after the weekend...
UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 11:27 am on a Monday

Find out a little bit more about our Mondays...

Friday, October 26, 2012

2:36 pm on a Thursday {Roll Call}

Its 2:36 pm, where is your brain? On a typical day, this is universally the time that moms are counting down the minutes until dad gets home, for you awesome single moms, until bed time for the little ones, and for you strong smart working moms, until work is over. Either way, at 2:36 pm, we are all waiting for something. So lets see what our stressed out impatient moms look like right now. Roll Call, Ladies!!!
UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 2:36 on a Thursday

Read on to find more about EXACTLY what we were doing today.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder {Daily Diaries}

Ok so I know my husband does a lot, and I mean a lot, but sometimes I just don't realize it until I don't have his help for a couple days. A couple weeks ago he was sick with a stomach bug and because we didn't want the kids to get it he was pretty much quarantine to the bedroom and the bathroom. I am a freak when it comes to sickness especially if I can prevent my kids from getting it. I HATE throw up, I know everyone does, but it gives me serious panic attacks so when it is avoidable that is just what I am going to do. So while my poor hubby was in our room being sick, watching Netflix and doing homework for two days, I was taking care of the kids.

The Undone Blog: Absence makes the heart grow fonder

The boys and I didn't really see him much those two days even though he was in the house with us. I know this is dramatic but I felt like a single mom. I don't know how you single moms, or moms whose hubbies travel a lot do it. It was lonely and I really missed the help. You ladies are amazing who do this by yourself all the time. Sometimes I think I need these reminders of how much he does for me, the boys, and our family, and I need to tell my husband thank you more often. 

The Undone Blog: Absence makes the heart grow fonder
He helps with all the house and parenting duties while going to school and doing an internship. He plays with the boys, he helps with laundry when I don't get it done before he gets home, he helps with dinner and dishes, he takes out the garbage, he fixes our cars, he takes care of the boys when I am busy or when I just need a break, he helps me with computers, he gives me snuggles when I need them, he talks to me,  he is an amazing dad, an amazing husband and he really is my best friend. 

The Undone Blog: Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Sometimes I really do think a little absence does make the heart grow fonder. I miss him when he is away (even if it is just at school or work) and I realize how much he does for our family and how truly lucky I really am. So Ty...Thank you for all you do and thank you for being such a good example to me. You are such a happy and fun person to be around and you really know how to live life to the fullest and I really admire that about you.

Now ladies go give your hubby a big snuggle right now and tell him how much you appreciate him :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Costume Reveal {Daily Diaries}

I finally got to wear my Halloween costume that I've been so stoked about! Even though I'm married and I'm a mom, I'm still only 25, and I like to go out with my friends and do fun, 25-year-old stuff when I can. On Friday we all got our costumes on and headed up to Crimson Nights at the University of Utah. I can't lie, although I graduated forever ago, I love Halloween Crimson Nights! I'm going to keep going until I'm too wrinkled to get in! Alright, maybe I really just go so I have an excuse to get an awesome Halloween costume.

So did anyone guess what it was going to be from this preview photo a few weeks back? Ok, that photo might not have been enough to guess the costume right off the bat, but to anyone who is friends with me on Facebook, or follows me on Pinterest, you probably knew what it was going to be.

UNDONE: DIY Spider-Man Costume

That's right, just like Quinn, I love me some Spider-Man. This was a good year for super heros, and when some friends and I were discussing super hero costume possibilities, I knew I had to be Spider-Man. I saw this costume a few years back, and I was thinking about getting it and calling it done.

{The Undone Blog} DIY Spider-Man Costume

But that's not really how I roll. I LOVE to make my own costumes. I'm not really a sew-it-from-scratch kind of girl, but I love to try to find a combination of regular clothing pieces and Halloween accessories that I can create a costume out of. There are a bunch or reasons I like to do this

1. Halloween costumes are expensive in price and cheap in quality. I can't spend $50 on something that is only going to be worn once because it won't survive more than one night! Oh, and they also look cheap. A lot of pre-made costumes don't fit well and the fabric is thin and crappy looking. Creating my own costume is usually less expensive and looks a lot nicer.

2. I can often wear or use a lot of the costume clothes on a normal day, or for future Halloweens. I've seriously got a whole Halloween wardrobe built up!

3. I love being creative, unique, and the only person with my costume. I've been like that forever. I've been some weird things for Halloween as a kid. One year I was a wrist watch. Yes, you read that right, a wrist watch. I don't know know what on Earth made me decide to be that, but I'm pretty sure I was the only one!

4. It's totally fun! I feel like shopping and making the costume is just as fun as wearing it. For me, creating a costume is one of the things that makes Halloween one of my favorite holidays.

So that's why I like making my own costumes, but now I'll give you a little more about how I made this one.

The first step was finding the perfect blue dress. Luckily this bright blue is EVERYWHERE right now, so finding a blue dress wasn't too hard. I searched the web a bit and made one trip to the mall where I found this one  in blue at Charlotte Russe. I got it on sale for $20. Not too bad of a price, since I actually like it a lot and plan on wearing it for non-halloween functions. Normally I might try to find something cheaper for a Halloween costume thing, but when you consider that it's a dress I'm going to be wearing normally I feel ok about the price. Some other great options would've been this, this, or this - really they have TONS of great options.

So I got the dress, and used a red corset top over it for the red part of the Spideysuit. I already had the red corset from when I was Harley Quinn a few years ago. One of my FAVORITE COSTUMES

UNDONE: DIY Harley Quinn costume

This top is reversible and the inside is solid red, so I flipped it to that side and turned to making the webbed look. This was NOT EASY! I didn't want to do anything to permanently change the top so I could keep it for future Halloweens, or else I probably would've just drawn or glued the web on. Instead I came up with a plan to sew on some ribbon that I could later take off. Ok, that's where it got hard. I got some sequined trim because I thought it would be easy to curve like a web, but it was not so great to work with. The sequins kept falling off the cut ends and when I tried sewing it on it looked like crap! Also, the shirt stretched when I put it on, so anything I did when it was off looked different when I put it on! Bleh! So I ended up getting some Wonder Tape and applying the sequin trim webs to the front of the top while I was wearing it, and hot glueing the ends to keep it from falling apart. This took me seriously about an hour and a half. Very tedious and annoying process. But it looked cute in the end! It didn't hold up as great I would have liked, BUT I went through a haunted house, partied on the dance floor, and carried Quinn around the house before I left, so I think it would be fine for Halloween night, or any party with less activity. Lastly, the spider was just a toy I found when cleaning Parker's room that I sewed on by the legs. Here's a close up (it looks a lot better when it's on and the webs aren't so bunched up, but this gives you a better look at the sequins).

UNDONE: DIY Spider-Man Costume

The arm warmers I got a Hot Topic for my Harley Quinn costume as well. They are red with a black mesh, so they were PERFECT!

UNDONE: DIY Spider-Man Costume (arm warmer)

The shoes I already owned too (for years) and the spider tights came from Halloween City for $4 with a coupon. I actually sewed these to make them more knee-high than thigh-high because they were SUPER tight on my legs! I also layered some red knee-high's under the spider tights to look more like Spider-Man's suit. I can't even remember where those red tights came from, but they were also part of Harley Quinn. I love reusing!

UNDONE: DIY Spider-Man Costume (tights and shoes)

The finishing touch was the make-up

UNDONE: Spider-Man Makeup

I'm not really that great at facepaint, but I think it turned out okay for my skill level and time crunch. I had a little bit of help from my friend on drawing some of the lines, but for the most part I did this all myself, so I'm pretty proud of it. This also didn't make it out perfectly at the end of the night, but it's hard to not touch your face! I used super super cheap facepaint too, so I'm sure that was part of it. The plus side was that it was SO easy to get off at the end of the night when I wanted to go to bed! 

This was inspiration for the make up. Mine was like 10 steps down from hers, but I had to go with something I could actually do. 

Spider-Man Makeup

I went to another Halloween party a few days later and did a bit better on the makeup the next time around, so I thought I'd share those photos.

{The Undone Blog} Spider-Man Makeup

It was so fun making this costume, and it came in at less than $35! I made a spider shirt for my friend with felt and wonder tape too and she went as the black Spider-Man (not to be confused with Venom). I think we were pretty cool. And check out my other friend who made her own Katie Perry costume! We love our home-made costumes!!!

UNDONE: DIY Halloween Costumes
What do you all think? I get to put it all back on again this Saturday for another event, so maybe I can get some better pictures for you! Sorry the ones I took were kind of crappy, but I couldn't wait to share my costume? So what is everyone else going to be for Halloween? Do you like to do a family theme or each do your own thing?

Monday, October 22, 2012

1:00 pm on a Saturday {Roll Call}

lt is 1:00 pm on a Warm October Saturday....So What are these Undone Moms lookin like and up to today? Lets find out shall we....ROLL CALL!

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:00 on a Saturday

Read on to see our individual pictures and see exactly what we were up to on this lovely Saturday afternoon.

We all make mistakes {Daily Diaries}

I thought I would share my favorite part of the house, decor wise. My house is in a total overhaul in its decor due to my poor choice of paint colors when we first moved it. It was horrid. I painted all the walls aqua, and some a bright yellow. I shudder looking at the walls that still remain those colors. My hubby graciously let me start repainting, so I picked a safe color, a blueish grey. Problem is with 2 kids it is taking a long time to finish. But this part of my dining room is finished, and I love it. Its been this way for a year and I still love it, so that's good.

This is above my dining room table.

UNDONE: Home Decor

The shelves (yes it's 2 shelves) were bought at Target for 8 bucks, then everything that is black was bought at the DI for $1 each. Some were milk glass, and some were clear glass, but I painted them all black. 

UNDONE: Home Decor

I actually splurged on the books at $4 a piece cause I loved the pop of color.

UNDONE: Home Decor

My mom actually bought me this hour glass when we first moved in and I loved how well it fit in.

UNDONE: Home Decor

I adore these little tea cups and the texture on them. 

So there you go. I don't dare show you the rest of my house. **shivers**

Saturday, October 20, 2012

9:13 pm on a Wednesday {Roll Call}

I. Dislike. Wednesdays. The end. Lets see what our undone ladies are up to tonight. Roll Call!!!

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 9:13 pm on a Wednesday

Check out more about our outfits and what we were doing this Wednesday evening.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween House Tour {Daily Diaries}

Halloween is almost here! I'm finally going to show you what I did with some of that cute stuff I got from Target, as well as the other random Halloween things I have around my house.

Let's start with our entry way. Our house doesn't really have much of an entry, it kind of just opens right into our front room and then we've got a coat rack and a little bookshelf right next to the door.  I like the decorate the top of the shelve with different stuff. Right now it's the perfect place for Halloween things.
UNDONE: Halloween Decor
UNDONE: Halloween Decor
I like to use random books I have around the house to add more layers to my halloween decor. The Zombie one is something I got for Darren from Barnes and Nobel a year or two ago, and the other two are old text books. Don't ask me what kind of classes I was taking.... For the little photos, I found the creepy pictures online and just printed them off and threw them in some frames that were actually a wedding gift. The same goes for the spider photo - another online printable. This is the site were I got almost all of the pictures I framed for Halloween. She has TONS of cute stuff. 

So now moving on... I've got a couple things on our computer desk and in the kitchen. Recognize anything? I put a couple of my Target finds to use on the desk, along with a vase of pumpkins and sticks - this is really sophisticated stuff here. Like all the computer cords and wires? Yeah I was trying to pretty it up a little bit. Not so successful. 
UNDONE: Halloween Decor
I put some more of my Target stuff and another printable on the kitchen window sill. I should really put some candles in those lanterns!

UNDONE: Halloween Decor
And the family room is the last and most interesting stop on my Halloween House tour.
UNDONE: Halloween Decor
On top of our DVD cabinet I've got my Target "Boo", some $1 black roses from Michaels, these little mummy jars I'm sure everyone has seen on Pinterest, some more random books (The top one is Sense and Sensibilty and Sea Monsters - it felt Halloween appropriate to me), and then a little haunted house that Parker and I made. It's kind of all random, but I dig it. 

Then the most fun area of the house is the mantel. 
UNDONE: Halloween Decor
I like to call this my Potion Station
UNDONE: Halloween Potion Station
I made most of these potion bottles for a Harry Potter party I had with my friends before the premiere of the final movie. They're all made out of old jars I saved from baby food, pasta sauces, syrup, whatever jar I liked the shape of really. It was actually quite a process to get all of the labels off, but after that I just used a glue stick and slapped on some new printed labels from around the web. This is the site where I got almost all of my labels. After the party they were too cute, and took too much effort to throw away, so I had to reuse them for Halloween. I added some more creepy prinatbles and some more random books to make it fun. I found this spell book tutorial a few weeks ago and I felt like it need to be part of my Potion Station- especially since it was Harry Potter themed. I really didn't do much more than paint the pages brown with some watered down paint and then glued them in. I was lazy, but if you're not it looks WAY cuter the way the original was done. 

The finishing touch is to add some scary faces to our family photo. Again I just found some spooky pictures online and printed them.
UNDONE: Add spooky faces to family photos for Halloween
Last year we had a different photo without Quinn and I did have 3 creepy faces up on that one, but I've been too lazy to print new faces for Quinn and Parker. I know, I'm cool like that. It would be a different story if my printer had INK!!!

So that's my Halloween house tour. Hopefully next year I can get some new stuff to add, because this year it didn't really get any updates besides my cheap Target stuff. I would show you my outside decorations too, but they're not so exciting. Also my neighbor has an AWESOME yard and my little dollar store grave yard is looking pretty sad in comparison. But I guess that's what it means to be Undone, right? We do what we can! Maybe if enough people beg me, I'll share my sad yard. But in the meantime, I'd like to hear (or see) or all of you decorate for Halloween!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Food Battle {Frequent Frustrations}

A frequent Frustration of mine is my 2 year old not eating. Everyone tells me it is just a phase and that it will come and go as he grows, and even though I knew they were probably right I just felt like he was going to starve. He would go without eating anything for breakfast, little lunch and like a roll for dinner some days and it seriously scared me. I wanted him to get the nutrition he needed. I wanted him to be strong and grow. I wanted him to have energy. All the things that come with needing to eat as human beings. Not to be graphic or anything but when he would have wet and poopy diapers I would seriously think "where is this coming from he doesn't put food in his body so how is it coming out?" I suppose I was over exaggerating a little but it just felt like I was failing and I didn't know why. My little baby that ate EVERYTHING, and I mean everything we ate, was gone. I didn't want him to turn into a picky eater when he was so good about eating before.

UNDONE: Toddler Food Frustrations
Yes this is him eating in front of the TV sometimes this is the only way I can get him to eat or get anything done so maybe he has bad eating habits due to the fact that it is happening in front of the TV. I know I am not perfect and probably to blame but I am trying and learning as I go. 

After nearly two months of feeling like he wasn't eating a thing and feeling like every meal was a fight with him, he is just now this week showing interest in eating and food again. When he wakes up he is asking for a waffle again (yes he didn't even want a waffle when he used to love them so much), he is eating good big lunches, wanting snacks and even though he is still a little picky about dinner he is doing better. Now I know I should have trusted in the fact it was a phase and we might have to struggle with this phase again with him some day, but it is nice to know that this phase is drifting away, at least for a little bit, and I feel like my boy is getting the nutrition he needs. Have your kids gone through this phase? How did you handle it and get them interested in meal times again?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Little Spider-Princess {Practicing Pinterest}

It's Halloween costume time for the little littles, and this year Quinn's costume is coming from Pinterest. Do you remember a while back when I said she loves Spider-Man? Well I came across this little gem one day and I knew I had to do this for her.
Spider-Girl Costume

Source: etsy.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

While I love love loved this as soon as I saw it, and I knew I had to do it for Quinn, I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it this year. She is still small enough to fit into the adorable fluffy baby/toddler costumes like this one that she wore last year, so I was torn between trying to find one of those cute things or making Spider-Man. In the end the mom in me decided that Spider-Man was the best for her because she LOVES Spider-Man so much right now, and who knows what she'll like next year. So I took a deep breath and passed on the cute fluffiness.  Now, without further ado, here is Spider-Quinn!
UNDONE: Add a tutu to a Spider-Man costume {Practicing Pinterest}
The orignal pin is for an Etsy shop where you can buy the tutu, but I just got some blue and red tulle, and a ribbon (I like to use a ribbon that I can just tie together rather than elastic), and I whipped up a little tutu. If you don't know how to make a tutu, it's super simple. This is the tutorial that I learned from. The only thing I do differently is tie the tulle on to a ribbon and tie it around my daughter's waist. So how does mine look compared to the pin? I think the original is done with Spider-Man PJ's instead of a costume like ours (which you can get here), and I also didn't add the little black "web" into the tutu because I'm lazy, so it's a little different, but I feel like Quinn and I nailed it.
UNDONE: Add a tutu to a Spider-Man costume {Practicing Pinterest}
This was a super easy way to add a little femininity to a superhero costume, because who says superheros are for boys? Not me. I remember being a Ninja Turtle when I was 5. It looks like Quinn is a lot like her mommy. Who else is going to have a little superhero for Halloween this year? Quinn has  al little mask with her costume too, that she actually LOVES, but wouldn't wear for this photos. Silly kids.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Those eyes, they kill me {Practicing Pinterest}

put a glow stick inside and hide in the bushes for halloween -- creepy glowing eyes!

I saw this pin, from this blog, and I had to try it.

This is what mine looked like, in action:

UNDONE: Toilet Paper Roll Creepy Eyes - Practicing Pinterest
So, this was in my bushes out front. My take on this pin and idea... It's awesome as far as what it looks like at night, glowing. But, in the daylight, obviously it looks like trash, so don't forget to remove them the night after Halloween. The other thing, I have NO idea how she cut them out. I finally got so fed up with it that I just ripped circles out, and it turned out fine. So if you want the really shaped eyes, good luck.

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