Tuesday, October 2, 2012

12:05 pm on a Tuesday {Roll Call}

Oh Tuesdays, there isn't much to say about them. The hubbies are at work or school and we are most likely hanging out with our littles. Noon is probably lunch time and maybe even nap time for some of the kids. So what do the Undone moms look like at 12:00 noon on a Tuesday? Let's find out shall we. ROLL CALL!!!

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 12:05 pm on a Tuesday

Here is a little bit more about where we got these outfits and what we were doing when we looked like this.

Undone Blog: Real Life Mom Fashion - Noon on a Tuesday
SHIRT:Target (I cut the neck line, it used to be a turtle neck), PANTS: Stiiiiiiill my maternity jeans

BAM!!! I got ready. Actually I cheated, I took this picture yesterday because every time we do roll call I am never ready!! So I just wanted you guys to know, I do in fact get ready sometimes. :D

Undone Blog: Real Life Mom Fashion - Noon on a Tuesday
BLAZER: Love Culture, SHOES: Vanity, EVERYTHING ELSE: Aero - yes, even the hat. This hat was actually my last employee purchase at Aeropostale! 

I decided to go shopping for some Halloween costume stuff this morning, so I actually got ready. Sort of. Notice how my hair is just in a ponytail? And I'm wearing that hat because I was too lazy to wash my hair today, but hey, at least it looks like I tried a little bit! I was SO tired though, I really considered just taking a pajama day. I've been in a funk lately, and sometimes getting out of the house helps cheer me up a bit. Even though I didn't buy anything today, shopping was just the pick me up I needed! 

Undone Blog: Real Life Mom Fashion - Noon on a Tuesday
 SHIRT: Downeast (see a theme going on here) LEGGINGS: Target
 BOOTS: Walmart (I know right who would have thought) BELT: Bohme Boutique

I had a Doctors appointment today and I needed to run some errands plus the hubby worked from home today so I got ready and felt like getting a little fall style in too in celebration of October. I LOVE fall clothes especially boots so I just had to break those out. Also notice I got my bangs cut yesterday? I really needed some sort of change and this is just what I was going for. What do you think?

Undone Blog: Real Life Mom Fashion - Noon on a Tuesday
SHIRT:zumiez  JEANS: buckle

I helped my aunt again today and threw on something comfy. If you noticed Gracie's furrowed eye brows in the bottom if the pic then you can relate to how my day went.

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