Monday, October 15, 2012

1:50 pm on a Thursday {Roll Call}

What is there to say about Thursday, except that you've got to make it through it to get to Friday? Want to know what Thursday is about for the Undone moms? This is what we looked like a few minutes before 2:00 pm. 

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:50 PM on a Tuesday
Read on to see our individual pictures and see exactly what we were up to on this fine Thursday. 

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:50 PM on a Tuesday
SHIRT: Target, PANTS: Target, BLOWDRYER: Target

Getting so fresh and so clean!!!

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:50 PM on a Tuesday

PANTS: TjMaxx, SHIRT: Zumiez (I really like their shirts, ok? So sue me. lol!) 

I had a lot to get done today. Dr apts, Hair cutting apts, canning salsa, cleaning and taking care  of GG of course. I was at my parents house again getting ready to cut Tiffs hair when I received a text saying "ROLL CALL!!" This is me trying to steal a kiss from Gracie-Goo.

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:50 PM on a Tuesday
DRESS: Walmart (so old), UNDERSHIRT: Undercover Mama, LEGGINGS: Target, BOOTS: Old Navy

As I have said before, Thursday is my cleaning and laundry day. Normally cleaning day means I am in yoga pants and a T-shirt, but since I have Bunco tonight I decided I better get ready :) Of course I still chose the comfy route with a flowy dress and leggings. At 1:50 I had just put both boys down for a nap, and started folding laundry. Oh the little things, it is so nice to be able to fold some laundry without my adorable 2 year old "helping."Although I do miss them while they sleep.

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:50 PM on a Tuesday
HODDIE: University of Utah Bookstore, TANK: Aeropostale, JEANS: Charlotte Russe

I got a flat tire the other day and I had to quickly get it fixed this morning so I wouldn't have to worry about transportation for all the stuff I had coming up in the afternoon. So this is what I threw on to get going. This hoodie is my FAVORITE and was part of my graduation gift. That's right, I really wanted this hoodie to commemorate my 5 year investment at the U. Don't judge. It was $65 and a college student can't afford that! But really the best part of this outfit is my jeans. They're new! And were only $6.99! AND a size smaller than I thought I needed! So bam, they're my new favorite jeans! This pic was right before I got in the shower to really get ready for my day. After this I picked up Parker, ran some errands, got a flu shot, dropped my kids off at Grandma's, and then, the best of all, got my hair cut by the beautiful and talented Hailey Gomez! I seriously don't remember the last time I cut my hair. Sad. It looks AWESOME though! Love Hailey's skills! 

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