Friday, October 26, 2012

2:36 pm on a Thursday {Roll Call}

Its 2:36 pm, where is your brain? On a typical day, this is universally the time that moms are counting down the minutes until dad gets home, for you awesome single moms, until bed time for the little ones, and for you strong smart working moms, until work is over. Either way, at 2:36 pm, we are all waiting for something. So lets see what our stressed out impatient moms look like right now. Roll Call, Ladies!!!
UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 2:36 on a Thursday

Read on to find more about EXACTLY what we were doing today.

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 2:36 on a Thursday

SURPRISE!! Hailey and I were on location today, doing a formal wedding session, if you wanna see what we did, go here. Hailey is a Hair and Make-Up Goddess, and I fancy myself a Photographer, so we team up and work on our wedding portfolios together. So for me, during a session it's all about comfort. You can't see them, but I am wearing running shoes since I usually am walking around rough terrain.

P.S. I chose this photo cause I thought it was funny that the person I had take the picture couldn't focus it right.

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 2:36 pm on a Thursday
 SHIRT: H&M  PANTS: Target  TANK: DownEast
BROOM: Walmart  RAG: Norwex 

Sorry about the bad picture we are getting our camera fixed so we are borrowing another one right now, and I am not very good with the self timer on it since I don't know it very well. Thursdays are cleaning/laundry days so here I am in my regular cleaning attire: Yoga pants and a T-shirt. Gotta be comfy while cleaning and doing laundry. Today was the first snow here in Salt Lake and my little Maddux was so excited, so after breakfast we all got bundled up and played in the snow. We made a snowman, snow angles, took a lot of pictures, and had a little snowball fight. It was so fun just playing with my little M and snuggling my baby H in a sling while he slept and we played. We came in, warmed up, watched Polar express (M loved this movie and he wanted to watch the snow movie) and had some lunch. At the time of this picture my two little guys were napping and I was getting my cleaning on :) I may not be all dolled up today, but I did shower, got ready, got my cleaning and laundry done and most importantly played with my little boys and made some fun memories in the snow. So.... Today is a GREAT day :)

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 2:36 pm on a Thursday
SHIRT: Wet Seal, SCARF: um, Charlotte Russe I think - it's way old where ever it's from, JEANS: JC Penny, BOOTS: Forever Young
On Quinn - SHIRT: Crazy 8 (oh yeah, I used to work there too), JEANS: Kohl's, BINKIE: Target

Quinn was LOVING the timer on the camera! She wanted to be in the picture, but she didn't want to look apparently. Silly girl. So literally 20 minutes before this photo I was in my U of U hoodie with a bun on the top of my head, but I decided to put on something else to go to the library and pick up Parker, mostly since I'd been wearing that for 3 days straight and it was filthy! I even went so far as to add a scarf! Is it just me or do accessories go out the window once you have a new baby? Quinn is big enough that I can wear jewelry and stuff without her taking it, but it's like I've just forgotten how to do it. I won't lie, this scarf came off about 10 minutes after I got home. It's so hard to do mom stuff with a scarf on! It gets in the way of everything! But aside from the scarf, today was an interesting day. My car heater wasn't working, and that is not so great on the first snow day of the season, but luckily my dad was able to fix it. Whew! I'm pretty lazy and I DID NOT want to take my car in. Such a hassle. But while my dad was fixing the car Quinn and I played in the snow a bit. She has been OBSESSED with the snow today. I'm pretty sure she was too little to remember it from last year, and all she wanted to do was pick up handfulls of snow and carry them around. Double silly girl. Gotta love these toddler years!

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