Saturday, October 20, 2012

9:13 pm on a Wednesday {Roll Call}

I. Dislike. Wednesdays. The end. Lets see what our undone ladies are up to tonight. Roll Call!!!

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 9:13 pm on a Wednesday

Check out more about our outfits and what we were doing this Wednesday evening.

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 9:13 on a Wednesday
 SHIRT: Zumiez CARDI: A&F JEANS:Buckle

I really don't like Wednesdays. I was so happy to see Jared walk through the door tonight that I almost cried. (Almost) I had just put gg down for the night when I had taken this pic. I did have a very productive day today though! All the laundry is done. Carpet is vacuumed. Dishes clean. Floors swept. And I even had time for some knitting!!!! It was a good day :) for a Wednesday.

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 9:13 on a Wednesday
 SHIRT: Old shirt from a gymnastics meet back in my competition days 
SHORTS: Hubby's high school football shorts

Yeah so I would like to point out I looked cute today I had a cute H&M striped dress, leggings and boots but after a long day of taking care of my adorable boys, grocery shopping and young womens as soon as I got home tonight and got the boys to bed you bet I slipped right into my comfies, took off my make up (yikes I can't believe you have to see me without my face on, I must be brave to put this out there to the public), sat on the couch and got a little computer/TV time goin on while the hubby worked on a paper. Next up some hubby snuggle time while giggling to modern family and then some well deserve zzzz's.

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 9:13 on a Wednesday
SWEATER:Aeropostale, TANK: American Eagle - Old old old, so old, LEGGINGS: Target, 
BOOTS: Journeys- last years X-Mas gift to myself

Check it out, my hair is down! Gross and not so pretty at the end of the day, but not in a pony or bun, so that's worth something, right? I was at a wedding a few weeks ago and a couple of girls there were looking SO cute in leggings, and although I swore I'd never wear leggings like pants- because that's what I did when I was 5- I felt like I was ready to branch out and try it. I'm still unsure about this look. I don't really have a lot of shirts that are long enough to wear with leggings, so I was kind of improvising today. Anyway, this is me after spending a couple of hours folding laundry and putting away SOME of it.  It was a pretty boring day for me. Vacuuming and folding. So wonderful. 

As you can see I did get ready. But roll call was done the previous night at 9:13 and I was totally asleep. So I didnt get the text until the morning, then I cheated and didnt take a pic till after I got ready. THEN I got a 90 min massage, lounged in the steam room, and thus the after pic. 

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