Monday, October 1, 2012

Braid THIS! {Practicing Pinterest}

I saw this pin on Pinterest and wanted to try it:

Braid Headband styleash

I am completely hair inept, so I usually completely ignore all hair tutorials. A couple things about this pin. 1, you do need longish hair. I think my length was barely long enough. 2. The way she is doing it in the pictures, is for prettiness. I wanted it to keep hair out of my face.


close up

UNDONE: Braided Headband- Practicing Pinterest

I didnt finish getting ready, I am sure if I would have taken an extra 5 minutes and ratted the crown and stuff, it would look 10 times better. This only took like 60 seconds to do though, so for a go to style where you want to make it look like you put in effort, this is it. 

Happy braiding! 

UNDONE: Braided Headband- Practicing Pinterest

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