Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Costume Reveal {Daily Diaries}

I finally got to wear my Halloween costume that I've been so stoked about! Even though I'm married and I'm a mom, I'm still only 25, and I like to go out with my friends and do fun, 25-year-old stuff when I can. On Friday we all got our costumes on and headed up to Crimson Nights at the University of Utah. I can't lie, although I graduated forever ago, I love Halloween Crimson Nights! I'm going to keep going until I'm too wrinkled to get in! Alright, maybe I really just go so I have an excuse to get an awesome Halloween costume.

So did anyone guess what it was going to be from this preview photo a few weeks back? Ok, that photo might not have been enough to guess the costume right off the bat, but to anyone who is friends with me on Facebook, or follows me on Pinterest, you probably knew what it was going to be.

UNDONE: DIY Spider-Man Costume

That's right, just like Quinn, I love me some Spider-Man. This was a good year for super heros, and when some friends and I were discussing super hero costume possibilities, I knew I had to be Spider-Man. I saw this costume a few years back, and I was thinking about getting it and calling it done.

{The Undone Blog} DIY Spider-Man Costume

But that's not really how I roll. I LOVE to make my own costumes. I'm not really a sew-it-from-scratch kind of girl, but I love to try to find a combination of regular clothing pieces and Halloween accessories that I can create a costume out of. There are a bunch or reasons I like to do this

1. Halloween costumes are expensive in price and cheap in quality. I can't spend $50 on something that is only going to be worn once because it won't survive more than one night! Oh, and they also look cheap. A lot of pre-made costumes don't fit well and the fabric is thin and crappy looking. Creating my own costume is usually less expensive and looks a lot nicer.

2. I can often wear or use a lot of the costume clothes on a normal day, or for future Halloweens. I've seriously got a whole Halloween wardrobe built up!

3. I love being creative, unique, and the only person with my costume. I've been like that forever. I've been some weird things for Halloween as a kid. One year I was a wrist watch. Yes, you read that right, a wrist watch. I don't know know what on Earth made me decide to be that, but I'm pretty sure I was the only one!

4. It's totally fun! I feel like shopping and making the costume is just as fun as wearing it. For me, creating a costume is one of the things that makes Halloween one of my favorite holidays.

So that's why I like making my own costumes, but now I'll give you a little more about how I made this one.

The first step was finding the perfect blue dress. Luckily this bright blue is EVERYWHERE right now, so finding a blue dress wasn't too hard. I searched the web a bit and made one trip to the mall where I found this one  in blue at Charlotte Russe. I got it on sale for $20. Not too bad of a price, since I actually like it a lot and plan on wearing it for non-halloween functions. Normally I might try to find something cheaper for a Halloween costume thing, but when you consider that it's a dress I'm going to be wearing normally I feel ok about the price. Some other great options would've been this, this, or this - really they have TONS of great options.

So I got the dress, and used a red corset top over it for the red part of the Spideysuit. I already had the red corset from when I was Harley Quinn a few years ago. One of my FAVORITE COSTUMES

UNDONE: DIY Harley Quinn costume

This top is reversible and the inside is solid red, so I flipped it to that side and turned to making the webbed look. This was NOT EASY! I didn't want to do anything to permanently change the top so I could keep it for future Halloweens, or else I probably would've just drawn or glued the web on. Instead I came up with a plan to sew on some ribbon that I could later take off. Ok, that's where it got hard. I got some sequined trim because I thought it would be easy to curve like a web, but it was not so great to work with. The sequins kept falling off the cut ends and when I tried sewing it on it looked like crap! Also, the shirt stretched when I put it on, so anything I did when it was off looked different when I put it on! Bleh! So I ended up getting some Wonder Tape and applying the sequin trim webs to the front of the top while I was wearing it, and hot glueing the ends to keep it from falling apart. This took me seriously about an hour and a half. Very tedious and annoying process. But it looked cute in the end! It didn't hold up as great I would have liked, BUT I went through a haunted house, partied on the dance floor, and carried Quinn around the house before I left, so I think it would be fine for Halloween night, or any party with less activity. Lastly, the spider was just a toy I found when cleaning Parker's room that I sewed on by the legs. Here's a close up (it looks a lot better when it's on and the webs aren't so bunched up, but this gives you a better look at the sequins).

UNDONE: DIY Spider-Man Costume

The arm warmers I got a Hot Topic for my Harley Quinn costume as well. They are red with a black mesh, so they were PERFECT!

UNDONE: DIY Spider-Man Costume (arm warmer)

The shoes I already owned too (for years) and the spider tights came from Halloween City for $4 with a coupon. I actually sewed these to make them more knee-high than thigh-high because they were SUPER tight on my legs! I also layered some red knee-high's under the spider tights to look more like Spider-Man's suit. I can't even remember where those red tights came from, but they were also part of Harley Quinn. I love reusing!

UNDONE: DIY Spider-Man Costume (tights and shoes)

The finishing touch was the make-up

UNDONE: Spider-Man Makeup

I'm not really that great at facepaint, but I think it turned out okay for my skill level and time crunch. I had a little bit of help from my friend on drawing some of the lines, but for the most part I did this all myself, so I'm pretty proud of it. This also didn't make it out perfectly at the end of the night, but it's hard to not touch your face! I used super super cheap facepaint too, so I'm sure that was part of it. The plus side was that it was SO easy to get off at the end of the night when I wanted to go to bed! 

This was inspiration for the make up. Mine was like 10 steps down from hers, but I had to go with something I could actually do. 

Spider-Man Makeup

I went to another Halloween party a few days later and did a bit better on the makeup the next time around, so I thought I'd share those photos.

{The Undone Blog} Spider-Man Makeup

It was so fun making this costume, and it came in at less than $35! I made a spider shirt for my friend with felt and wonder tape too and she went as the black Spider-Man (not to be confused with Venom). I think we were pretty cool. And check out my other friend who made her own Katie Perry costume! We love our home-made costumes!!!

UNDONE: DIY Halloween Costumes
What do you all think? I get to put it all back on again this Saturday for another event, so maybe I can get some better pictures for you! Sorry the ones I took were kind of crappy, but I couldn't wait to share my costume? So what is everyone else going to be for Halloween? Do you like to do a family theme or each do your own thing?


Alli said...

Maybe I should not tell you this but...my little sister was wrist watch one year too. She has also been a swamp cooler and a fridge.

I love your costumes! I never dress up anymore, too lazy.

Tiffany Renee said...

Ha! Alli that is so funny! I bet your sister's costume was better than mine. NO ONE knew what I was that Halloween. But I basically wore black clothes and painted my face like a clock, so I don't blame them. It was pretty crappy. lol. But thanks, this costume came out a little better than the watch! I LOVE dressing up, but sometimes it really is a lot of work.

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