Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cousins {Daily Diaries}

Alright before I start this post there is some background you need to know about me. Well just one thing really. I am a stress case and when I say I stress I really mean it. About everything. My 2 year old isn't eating enough, he needs to nap, is he sick, etc etc. I freak out when I stress too I don't hide it very well. So now that you know that lets go on.

We were down in St. George a couple weekends ago so my hubby could go to an interview in Las Vegas. I hung out with my brother in law, sister in law and their kids that live down there while he was in Vegas for a few hours. They invited me and my boys to go to my nephews Soccer game. Fun right? The problem was that it was at 1:00 and that was Maddux's nap time, and we would be leaving St. George to come back home at about 5:00. Oh and my son doesn't sleep in the car so I was really hoping he would get a nap before so he wouldn't be a monster on the 4 and a half hour drive home. But in that moment I told myself to stop stressing and to just roll with the punches which I do not do and we went to the soccer game.

 I know this isn't such a big deal for most people but for me to allow him to not have a nap and to not stress about it was huge for me. So why did I decide to just let it go this time? Well because I am trying not to stress so much I really am working on it in my life, and because my sweet little Maddux really wanted to go. We were only in St. George for 1 day and I thought he should be playing with his cousins he doesn't get to see all the time and not waste those memories by napping. He can miss a nap one day right?! I mean look at how much fun he is having watching the game and playing with his cousins. As soon as I saw how much fun he was having all the stress of the car ride back home went away and I just enjoyed his smile in that moment.

 Here is to trying to live in the moment, stress less, understand that somethings are just out of my control, and enjoy my sweet little boys as much as I can while making terrific memories with them.


Tiffany Renee said...

I am EXACTLY the same Whit! I've been trying to become less glued to Quinn's nap. If we're doing something fun, and she's going to have a good time, then chances are she'll be fine without the nap. I guess maybe I'm paranoid that if I go away from the schedule then it will be hard to get her to nap on regular days when I need her too. We've got a Halloween party at my sister's house today almost in the middle of Quinn's nap and I'm having that terrible conflict of skipping the nap or not! I hate waking her up early from her naps too, that is usually a nightmare. Also I feel like a jerk waking her up when she's sleeping so sweetly!!!

Whit said...

I totally get what you mean about not wanting to get them off schedule for regular days. like i dont want him to think he doesnt have to nap everyday you know. And if i wake him up early from his nap it is a nightmare like worse then if he just didnt take one at all he was to wake up on his own and then he is usually so happy. I am glad I am not the only one that freaks out abotu nap time

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