Thursday, October 4, 2012

DEALS! and a Costume Preview {Daily Diaries}

Check out all of the cute stuff I got from the dollar section at Target!
UNDONE Blog: Deals from Target

Ok, all of this stuff was $2.50 each, so I didn't pay a dollar, but you guys know the section I'm talking about, right? When you first walk in on the non-grocery side, they have that little area full of random stuff that is all $2.50 or less. I won't lie, I check out this area every time I go to Target, because you never know when you're going to find awesome cuteness like I did on this day! I love when they have bins and baskets, because those things can be pricey! Let's face it though, not every thing from this section is high quality, just like the dollar store, but some times they have awesome things, and their Halloween/Harvest stock this year is awesome! I really wanted to leave with A LOT more than this stuff, but I knew Darren would kill me! Some of my favorite things that I spotted but didn't take home were glittery metal buckets that looked like Jack-o-lanterns and ghosts. They also had several other words like the "boo" that I got. Beware though, this thing sheds glitter like crazy!  But took care of that with a can of clear spray paint and Quinn has been carrying it around the house ever since with barely a sparkle lost (which is good because she's not too fond of sparkles on her hands). So head to Target if you're looking for some inexpensive but cute Halloween stuff! 

So now that I've shared my awesome deals with you, I've got one more thing to show you. Remember how a few days ago I said I was shopping for my Halloween costume (that's right my, Halloween costume, I'm one of those adults who loves dressing up), well I can't wait to put it all together and I decided to give you guys a sneak preview of some stuff that I tried on....
UNDONE Blog: Halloween Costume Preview
Can you guess what I'm going to be? Alright, it might be a little early for costume shopping, but I want to make sure I can get my hands on what I need! Stay tuned to see the final product in a few weeks! Has anyone else started shopping yet?

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Whit said...

Those are such a good find. I love the dollar section at target they have all sorts of treasures. That was a great tip to use clear spray paint so the glitter doesnt get every where I need to do that to some of my christmas decorations they are so glittery. Thanks. Also I cant wait to see your costume

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