Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Decorating for Halloween {Daily Diaries}

October is my very favorite month! The fall weather, the fashion, the beautiful leaves, corn mazes, family time, Halloween, but the most exciting to me is decorating for Halloween. I think it can be just as fun as decorating for Christmas and has almost gotten just as big. So lets take a little tour of my apartment and the Halloween cheer inside.

UNDONE: Halloween Decor

I feel like the front door (or back door in our case-we live in a basement apartment) is a great place to start your decorating for any holiday or season. It sets the mood and it is cute for all the little trick or treaters coming to your door. I made this fun wreath this year and love how bright orange it is! Check out how I made it HERE
UNDONE: Halloween Decor in the Kitchen

Once you go through our front door the next thing you see is our kitchen and dining room area. I love sprucing up the table making it fun at meal times. Bringing in sticks and putting them into a vase is a great way to bring in the outdoors and is perfect for the fall. Adding a cute festive hand towel, or some fun framed free printables can bring in some fun colors and Halloween spirit into your kitchen.
UNDONE: Halloween Decor
Some other easy, cheap and fun tips while decorating include: Vinyl Subway art, using what you already have (my old antique windows), use vases and fill with candy or small pumpkins, replace candles with pumpkins on your candle holders, spray paint items you find at the DI to make look new (candle stick holders and frames).
I love our skeleton pirate friend! Maddux does not like him. He comes in the room and just stares at him saying Scary Scary. Poor guy. We are trying to teach him that he is COOL! Maddux does however love our magnet Halloween countdown and plays with it all day long. It is fun to have decorations that your kids love and can even play with. Maddux helped me put up window clings on the bathroom mirror and that is way the best thing ever! Involving your kids in the decorating process can be so fun and memorable for both of you.

UNDONE: Halloween Decor

You can find my step By step tutorial on my Boo Banner and Trick or Treat hurricanes HERE and HERE.

UNDONE: Halloween Decor

I found the Along Came a Spider Printable HERE and the Subway art HERE. I also made the Keep Calm and Carry On sign tutorial HERE.

One last tip I have for you to finish off this post is to look for the sales after Halloween is over and stock up for the next year. You will get decor items for 50-75% off if you do this and then when you get them out for the next year they are like new and if you are like me you forgot you even got them until you start getting out the totes to start decorating. It is such a fun surprise and its always good to save some cash right?! Try this tip for every holiday you will not be sorry.

I hope I was able to inspire you a little bit. Now ready, Set, Decorate!



Alicia said...

Wow! I especially love the wreath! Is that burlap? Anyway, I love it! I always look forward to the after holiday sales and am bummed when/if I miss them! I love buying costumes on sale for the next year or just for my boys to play with (I'm thinking we're going to have to pick up some left over Avenger costumes this year!) Thanks for sharing!!

Tiffany Renee said...

Buying stuff after the holiday is the BEST! I got some awesome lights and yard stuff last year. I like that idea of getting costumes to play with after, Alicia! I can never find any good ones though. Your apartment is the CUTEST Whit! I feel like I don't have very much Halloween decor compared to you!

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