Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Food Battle {Frequent Frustrations}

A frequent Frustration of mine is my 2 year old not eating. Everyone tells me it is just a phase and that it will come and go as he grows, and even though I knew they were probably right I just felt like he was going to starve. He would go without eating anything for breakfast, little lunch and like a roll for dinner some days and it seriously scared me. I wanted him to get the nutrition he needed. I wanted him to be strong and grow. I wanted him to have energy. All the things that come with needing to eat as human beings. Not to be graphic or anything but when he would have wet and poopy diapers I would seriously think "where is this coming from he doesn't put food in his body so how is it coming out?" I suppose I was over exaggerating a little but it just felt like I was failing and I didn't know why. My little baby that ate EVERYTHING, and I mean everything we ate, was gone. I didn't want him to turn into a picky eater when he was so good about eating before.

UNDONE: Toddler Food Frustrations
Yes this is him eating in front of the TV sometimes this is the only way I can get him to eat or get anything done so maybe he has bad eating habits due to the fact that it is happening in front of the TV. I know I am not perfect and probably to blame but I am trying and learning as I go. 

After nearly two months of feeling like he wasn't eating a thing and feeling like every meal was a fight with him, he is just now this week showing interest in eating and food again. When he wakes up he is asking for a waffle again (yes he didn't even want a waffle when he used to love them so much), he is eating good big lunches, wanting snacks and even though he is still a little picky about dinner he is doing better. Now I know I should have trusted in the fact it was a phase and we might have to struggle with this phase again with him some day, but it is nice to know that this phase is drifting away, at least for a little bit, and I feel like my boy is getting the nutrition he needs. Have your kids gone through this phase? How did you handle it and get them interested in meal times again?


Melissa Stone said...

I have had picky eating around my house and the best advice I ever heard was to always make sure there was something on their plate that they would eat. My boy loves fruit and veggies, so we always have one or the other on his plate. For a while noodles were a favorite, so those came out a lot. Another thing you can use to occasionally supplement a picky diet is the carnation instant breakfasts (I know they can be pricy, but there's cheaper, generics out there) no child turns away chocolate milk. Good luck!

Whit said...

That is great advice about always having at least one thing you know they will eat on their plate thank you. I give him carnations in the morning he loves them and I feel good about it they are much better than chocolate syrup for sure. Thank you for commenting and your advice Mel I will try this out for sure.

Ashley said...

my daughter is a bad eater too... she will snack until the cows come home, but sitting down for a meal is like pulling teeth with her! I have limited her snacks to certain times of day, so as to not risk ruining her appetite, but it doesn't really matter HOW hungry she is, she just doesn't like sitting down for a meal. People have suggested that I give her meals in a 'snack style', but I refuse to do that. Meal time is meal time and I am done taking the easy route. I have done the easy way in so many other aspects and it has bitten me in the butt on countless occasions. So for now I am just setting consequences for not eating and following through with them. I guess my situation differs from this one because it is the WAY she is eating that is the problem, but that is how I deal with my bad eater!

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