Friday, October 12, 2012

Gangham Style saved my sanity. {Daily Diaries}

Ok. First off. If you haven't watched the Gangham style music video, then go watch it now.

Psy is hilarious! I first saw this video when one of my best friends posted in my FB wall for fun. I couldn't stop laughing the whole time while watching it. The next day I showed it to my husband and my family. We were all cracking up and before the days end, we had the entire dance memorized. After watching it a million times over and over, I noticed that Grace had started to memorize the dance also. It was so hilarious! So here is a video of her dancing to Gangham Style. (with my little brother and his friends in the background.)

The other day Grace refused to take her morning nap and I had to get ready for the day because I had appointments that afternoon. Realizing that gg would just scream the whole time I was in the shower, I improvised. I brought up Gangham Style on my phone and pressed repeat. She watched that stupid video like fifty times over while I got ready. And she was totally entertained! (Not that I'm proud of that) but it helped me get ready for the day without a screaming baby at my feet. It. Was. Awesome. Thank you Psy for your entertaining and crazy dance moves that ultimately saves my sanity.

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Ashley said...

my daughter loves that song too haha, and does a pretty good rendition of the dance :P - my son (9mo) isn't quite as impressed.... but if i put the opening theme of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on repeat, I have all of the time in the world! :P

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