Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween House Tour {Daily Diaries}

Halloween is almost here! I'm finally going to show you what I did with some of that cute stuff I got from Target, as well as the other random Halloween things I have around my house.

Let's start with our entry way. Our house doesn't really have much of an entry, it kind of just opens right into our front room and then we've got a coat rack and a little bookshelf right next to the door.  I like the decorate the top of the shelve with different stuff. Right now it's the perfect place for Halloween things.
UNDONE: Halloween Decor
UNDONE: Halloween Decor
I like to use random books I have around the house to add more layers to my halloween decor. The Zombie one is something I got for Darren from Barnes and Nobel a year or two ago, and the other two are old text books. Don't ask me what kind of classes I was taking.... For the little photos, I found the creepy pictures online and just printed them off and threw them in some frames that were actually a wedding gift. The same goes for the spider photo - another online printable. This is the site were I got almost all of the pictures I framed for Halloween. She has TONS of cute stuff. 

So now moving on... I've got a couple things on our computer desk and in the kitchen. Recognize anything? I put a couple of my Target finds to use on the desk, along with a vase of pumpkins and sticks - this is really sophisticated stuff here. Like all the computer cords and wires? Yeah I was trying to pretty it up a little bit. Not so successful. 
UNDONE: Halloween Decor
I put some more of my Target stuff and another printable on the kitchen window sill. I should really put some candles in those lanterns!

UNDONE: Halloween Decor
And the family room is the last and most interesting stop on my Halloween House tour.
UNDONE: Halloween Decor
On top of our DVD cabinet I've got my Target "Boo", some $1 black roses from Michaels, these little mummy jars I'm sure everyone has seen on Pinterest, some more random books (The top one is Sense and Sensibilty and Sea Monsters - it felt Halloween appropriate to me), and then a little haunted house that Parker and I made. It's kind of all random, but I dig it. 

Then the most fun area of the house is the mantel. 
UNDONE: Halloween Decor
I like to call this my Potion Station
UNDONE: Halloween Potion Station
I made most of these potion bottles for a Harry Potter party I had with my friends before the premiere of the final movie. They're all made out of old jars I saved from baby food, pasta sauces, syrup, whatever jar I liked the shape of really. It was actually quite a process to get all of the labels off, but after that I just used a glue stick and slapped on some new printed labels from around the web. This is the site where I got almost all of my labels. After the party they were too cute, and took too much effort to throw away, so I had to reuse them for Halloween. I added some more creepy prinatbles and some more random books to make it fun. I found this spell book tutorial a few weeks ago and I felt like it need to be part of my Potion Station- especially since it was Harry Potter themed. I really didn't do much more than paint the pages brown with some watered down paint and then glued them in. I was lazy, but if you're not it looks WAY cuter the way the original was done. 

The finishing touch is to add some scary faces to our family photo. Again I just found some spooky pictures online and printed them.
UNDONE: Add spooky faces to family photos for Halloween
Last year we had a different photo without Quinn and I did have 3 creepy faces up on that one, but I've been too lazy to print new faces for Quinn and Parker. I know, I'm cool like that. It would be a different story if my printer had INK!!!

So that's my Halloween house tour. Hopefully next year I can get some new stuff to add, because this year it didn't really get any updates besides my cheap Target stuff. I would show you my outside decorations too, but they're not so exciting. Also my neighbor has an AWESOME yard and my little dollar store grave yard is looking pretty sad in comparison. But I guess that's what it means to be Undone, right? We do what we can! Maybe if enough people beg me, I'll share my sad yard. But in the meantime, I'd like to hear (or see) or all of you decorate for Halloween!

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