Monday, October 8, 2012

6:55 am on a Saturday {Roll Call}

Saturday morning. The glorious morning of sleeping in all morning and laying around in your PJ's. Oh, wait, we have children. So in some houses, the kids are waking up bright and early, some have been up all night with a baby, and on this Saturday some of us are getting ready to watch the Semi-Annual General Conference for the LDS church. No matter what you are doing, you gotta be wearing something, and lets see it, Ladies! ROLL CALL!!!
UNDONE Blog: Real Life Mom Fashion- 6:55 am on a Saturday

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UNDONE Blog: Real Life Mom Fashion- 6:55 am on a Saturday
 Target, Target, Target

For me it's business as usual, I have an 8 am photo session, back for conference, quick errand on our camper in between, another session of conference, then another photo session at night. So for me, this is as ready as I am gonna get. But hey, I did manage to rat my hair behind the headband and I even dressed it up a bit with my pearl headband instead of my usual black one. It's the little things, people. 

P.S. Sorry about my dirty mirror, it's a little Undone.

UNDONE Blog: Real Life Mom Fashion- 6:55 am on a Saturday
SHEETS: Target, COMFORTER: Macy's, BLANKET: Homemade by Great Grandma

You want to see what I look like before 7am? This is it, comfy and asleep in bed. Ok, so Darren actually took this pic one day when I was taking a nap, but let me assure you, this is exactly what I looked like at 6:55. But I did have an early day today with an 8:30 soccer game. I'm pretty sure soccer should be banned at that time. TOO EARLY!

UNDONE Blog: Real Life Mom Fashion- 6:55 am on a Saturday
NIGHTY: Dillards. (it was on sale...I love jammies ok?) 

I've been up earlier than usual, due to a teething baby. Hence the bags under my eyes and fake smile. I was not happy to be awake this early on a weekend. Although, I was really excited to watch the LDS General Conference. Thats what kept me awake this morning. 

UNDONE Blog: Real Life Mom Fashion- 6:55 am on a Saturday
NIGHT SHIRT: Gorilla Glue Free T-shirt, COMFORTER: under the blue blanket made by me,
BLANKET: Made for hubby from some girls when he was in high school. It is so comfy it is my very favorite to snuggle with

This is about what you get with me every morning at 6:55 am. I am not a morning person luckily neither are my kids so I get the pleasure of sleeping in until about 9:00 am every morning, with the exception of night time feedings to my little Holden. We are night owls and late to rise type of peeps in this household, except hubby on the weekdays due to school and work. What about you, are you night owls? Or are you early to bed, early to rise mamas?


Ashley said...

i am personally a night owl, but i ensure my kids are early to bed! - i NEED my me time... so if that means staying up a little late and getting up really early, i am okay with that!

who decides on the times of these roll calls anyways? lol - and Hailey how does your hair possibly look so glamorous at that time? if I took a photo at 6:55 AM I would be awake, yes, but it would be a disaster! lol

Tiffany Renee said...

If it's ridiculously early it's probably safe to guess Kati decided the time! lol. We rotate every week and each girl randomly calls "roll call" at whatever time they want. If there is one person looking better than all the rest, it might have been their day. lol.

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