Monday, October 8, 2012

Waffle Maker Woes {Frequent Frustrations}

So Darren pretty much cooks breakfast every weekend. That's great because I HATE cooking! But then on the other hand, it's not so great because he isn't so efficient at picking up after himself. The other day Kati said the most profound thing, "When I make dinner, I clean it up. When he makes dinner, I clean it up." I literally burst out laughing because that is EXACTLY how it tends to go in our house.  I can't even tell you how many arguments we've had over the waffle maker. The waffle maker.  This thing causes me more stress than any small appliance ever should. Lately Darren has been better about at least putting the waffle maker away at some point before he uses it again. I have moved it to a more convient location so maybe that helps a bit. But that's pretty much where the improvement ends. He says that he will clean it up and that I start bugging him before I even give him enough time to clean it on his own. Well one Saturday I didn't bug him at all.

And this is what our kitchen looked like approximately 6 hours after Darren made breakfast (this pic doesn't even show the dried up waffle batter on the counter top)
UNODNE: Messy Men Problems
Fast forward 24 hours to the next morning and it was completely unchanged.

Fast forward another 8 hours and it was still the same.  And the only reason it didn't stay like that until the next day is because I cleaned it up so I could make dinner, which I then also cleaned up.  I love that Darren makes breakfast, but I would love it even more if he would clean it up too!  I think I gave him a reasonable amount of time this day, don't you? :) 

P.S. I cleaned up everything except the waffle maker and it stayed on the counter for A WHOLE WEEK! But, Darren does get a few points for spontaneously tackling the massive pile of dishes that are just out of view of this photo.

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