Monday, October 22, 2012

We all make mistakes {Daily Diaries}

I thought I would share my favorite part of the house, decor wise. My house is in a total overhaul in its decor due to my poor choice of paint colors when we first moved it. It was horrid. I painted all the walls aqua, and some a bright yellow. I shudder looking at the walls that still remain those colors. My hubby graciously let me start repainting, so I picked a safe color, a blueish grey. Problem is with 2 kids it is taking a long time to finish. But this part of my dining room is finished, and I love it. Its been this way for a year and I still love it, so that's good.

This is above my dining room table.

UNDONE: Home Decor

The shelves (yes it's 2 shelves) were bought at Target for 8 bucks, then everything that is black was bought at the DI for $1 each. Some were milk glass, and some were clear glass, but I painted them all black. 

UNDONE: Home Decor

I actually splurged on the books at $4 a piece cause I loved the pop of color.

UNDONE: Home Decor

My mom actually bought me this hour glass when we first moved in and I loved how well it fit in.

UNDONE: Home Decor

I adore these little tea cups and the texture on them. 

So there you go. I don't dare show you the rest of my house. **shivers**

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