Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winter blues {Frequent Frustration?}

I have a confession. I am scared to be alone with my toddler during winter. Meaning, we are a 1 car family right now to save some money for a new SUV, soooo I will be winging it all alone at home with a toddler and a baby. Last year it was fine, he was too little to care. This year, he LOVES the outdoors. Our yard is completely fenced, he can't open the gates, and the yard is kid proof. So all summer I just left the sliding door open and he came and went as he pleased, and it worked. What am I going to do during winter?!

So I am addressing the masses. You, my fellow mothers, help. Tell me what kind of things to do with a Toddler indoors. We live in Utah, so the snow will be heavy. Send me pins, ideas, blogs, etc., whatever you can think of that will help alleviate some of my fear.

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