Monday, November 19, 2012

1:33 pm on a Monday {Roll Call}

Its 1:33 pm on a Monday, do you know where your Undone ladies are? Roll Call.

(Clearly my brain is lacking in the creativity department, so insert your own clever, eloquent description here about Mondays. )

{The Undone Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:33 pm on a Monday

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{The Undone Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:33 pm on a Monday

Alright you want the truth about this outfit? I couldnt decide what to wear. It was my turn for roll call, so I got all ready, took a bunch of pics, and then hated the outfit I wearing. So I changed clothes 3 times. I know, its cheating, but whatever, its my turn. So finally I just decided to pick out the ugliest thing in my house(its a hubby shirt) and ya know what? I kinda lurve it.

{The Undone Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:33 pm on a Monday
 SHIRT: H&M  SKINNIES: Target  UGG BOOTS: Payless 
Maddux Shirt: Old Navy Pants: Target 

Today Ty had the day off since he works in the court on Mondays and it was Veterans Day so they didn't have any cases that day. Bonus I got to have hubby home again for the third day in a row. We decided to take Maddux to McDonalds for lunch since he has been asking for weeks to go. After lunch of course he had to play in the play place. Does anyone else feel like they need to sanitize their entire child after playing in the fast food playgrounds? Yuck! He had a blast but right when we got home the nasty socks came off, hands washed, and we took a bath that night and scrubbed all the nasty playground germs right off.  Sometimes it is just fun to go out the lunch and play. :) It was a fun mom day and it helped Maddux get out of his grumpy mood he was in all morning.

{The Undone Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:33 pm on a Monday
COAT: Aeropostale, JEANS: Aeropostale (I refashioned these into skinnies, they were bootcut when I bought them), BOOTS: once again my favorite gift to myself from last x-mas, from Journeys (can you tell I like these boots?), EARRINGS: Farmers Market in Butte, MT

I was running out the door when I got the notice for roll call, and I had just enough time to snap these pictures with my phone. I tried to get a close up one to show you my cool fishtail french braid, but it's sorta crappy - just like my braid! Haha! I've been working on mastering this french braided fishtail for a while and I've gotten it to look pretty good, but I have a problem with it staying tight! If anyone knows how to deal with that let me know! After a few hours it's way droopy! But yeah, so I was going to pick up Parker from school here, and then we went into SLC to the Disney Store at City Creek Center! I won't lie, I went there over the weekend (remind me to show you the awesome stuff we got), but Darren didn't tell me you could pre-order Brave and get a $10 store credit and some cute posters! So I went back with the kids and they LOVED it! I'm pretty sure Quinn was in heaven. Rapunzel, Spider-Man, and Minnie Mouse all in the same room - it doesn't get much better for a 2-year-old! It was fun spending some time with my kids walking around the mall, looking at the fountains and enjoying the fun setting of City Creek. It's not so stressful to go the mall with them when I didn't have any real shopping to do!

{The Undone Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:33 pm on a Monday
SWEATSHIRT: some gift shop in CA. JEANS: Buckle

Jared and I had the flu on Sunday. It was horrible!!!! I hate being sick. I broke my record of 5 1/2 years of not throwing up. Pretty good right?! Anyways. This is me the next morning. Just showered. No makeup. Still not feeling too great. I swear. It takes my body forever to recover from the flu. Booooo! I even got a flu shot! What's up with that?! The only positive thing that came from this is that Jared and I had the flu together. So we got to be with each other all day! (So romantic, right?) My parents graciously took Grace overnight so we could recover and so she wouldn't get sick. We spent a lot of time laying in bed staring at the ceiling. Not saying a word. Lol! We were pretty sick :( Oh the joys of being a grown up.

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