Monday, November 12, 2012

9:53 am on a Tuesday {Roll Call}

Tuesday is an interesting isn't Monday so it isn't so drag but it also isn't quite the middle of the week yet either. So is Tuesday a lazy day for you or a productive day? Lets see what the Undone ladies were up to.
The Undone Blog: Real Life Mom Fashion - 9:53 am on a Tuesday

Read on and find out what we were doing at 9:53 this Tuesday...

The Undone Blog: Real Life Mom Fashion - 9:53 am on a Tuesday
WHIT: SHIRT: Old Navy  JEANS: Old Navy  BOOTS: Walmart a million years ago  
NECKLACE: Bubble necklace from group deals I wish I knew what shop it was from but you can find these everywhere

Did you know our very own Undone sister Kati is a very talented photographer?  Well she is, so you should check out her photography blog HERE and her facebook page. In fact she took my (Whit) family pictures this morning. She is great, she even got super cute pictures of my CRAZY two and a half year old that for some reason is afraid of getting pictures taken lately. She takes really fun candid pictures that capture what your little kids personalities are like at that exact moment and those are my favorite kinds. We went to this gorgeous house in Centerville for the location. It was amazing and I want to live there.  After picture time we said our thank yous and our good byes and saw each other again at Target :) Haha funny its kinda our favorite store. So here we are having fun at good ol Target at ten in the morning. Only family pictures will get me out the door and ready for the day at this time on a Tuesday.

The Undone Blog: Real Life Mom Fashion - 9:53 am on a Tuesday
SHIRT: Downeast Outfitter  PANTS: Old Navy
Gracie's outfit is from Old Navy as well. They have darling kids clothes :)

Grace and I were voting when we received a text saying "Roll Call." So we ran into the bathroom at the voting place and snapped a quick pict. Obviously I like to wear the same thing in every roll call post. Lol! I promise I have more clothes than these 4 outfits you keep seeing!!!

The Undone Blog: Real Life Mom Fashion - 9:53 am on a Tuesday
HOODIE: University of Utah Bookstore, PJ PANTS: Victoria's Secret

Sometimes I'm a weirdo, and this photo is an example of that. What can I say? I had to make face that was on par with my outfit. On this day at this time I was having Doritos and Mountain Dew for breakfast and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Quinn. But I would like the record to show that about 30 minutes later I got dressed and was looking ADORABLE! I even accessorized. That's right, scarf, earrings, and a cute watch! Oh and the super cute booties. And then I went and visited my sister and voted, so don't let is be said that I was lazy this whole day. I did have another Mountain Dew and eat some cheesecake when I got home though...


Ashley Fenton said...

Hey ladies - I just randomly came upon your blog and I love it! great to see women like me not ashamed to show that motherhood isn't the perfect photographs, impeccable homes, extravagant baking and dressed to the nines experience that you might be lead to believe it is on the blog world :) love the roll calls :) following xo

Ashley said...

forgot to include my blog: in case anyone wants to check me out - not much goin on but it's a hobby!

Tiffany Renee said...

Thanks for the follow, Ashley! Your blog is super sweet! I'm glad you get EXACTLY what Undone is about! It's good to know we're not the only ones who aren't living "blog perfect" lives! lol.

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