Thursday, November 15, 2012

Escape Artist {Frequent Frustration}

Ahhhh! Quinn can get out of her crib!!! I was dreading moving her over to a "big girl bed" because she stays up and plays in her crib forever before falling asleep, so I'm feeling likes she'll NEVER sleep if she can actually get out of bed. And now it looks like she can.

She was making noise for an unusually long time yesterday, so I decided to go check on her. Well when I got to the door I could see the doorknob wobbling side to side, and as soon when I opened it, there was little Quinn, STANDING right in front of me.  And there was also this...

The Undone Blog: Toddler escaping the crib {Frequent Frustrations}

To make matters worse, I found a nearly empty bottle of teething tablets among all of this! I had a little bit of a freak out and called poison control ASAP, because I was sure that bottle was almost full before! Luckily everything was fine. They told me that teething tablets are usually harmless, and they were right, Quinn had no negative reaction whatsoever. Now ALL of the lotion, diaper creams, and teething gels/tablets have been moved from the changing table, that I thought was out out of reach, to the closet, so we won't have anymore scares like that!

But I still don't know what I'm going to do about getting Quinn to sleep! Last night she went to bed fine (because she was super tired from skipping her nap!) and didn't get out then or this morning, so we'll see how nap goes today.  Any advise on keeping your little ones from playing during nap time? We were never successful in this area with Parker.

P.S. There are 8 days left to help out our friend Erin!


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