Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due {Daily Diaries}

Autumn is a cruel mistress, we've barely got time to work off all the Halloween candy we stole from our kids, before it's time to stuff our faces with turkey! Then it's all downhill from there for diets. Yet, while our butts and thighs might not agree, this is often the best time of the year. In honor of the wonderful month of November, and the upcoming holidays, we're going to take some time from our Undone lives to talk about the things we're thankful for. Now it's time to kick this series off right by introducing you all to a really special lady who all of us at Undone are VERY thankful for.

Say Hello to Erin of Jingleheimer Design

Without this chick, this blog would not exist. Well it might exist, but in a much less cute, much less functional form. Erin is our oh so amazing blog designer, IT girl, sounding board, tie breaker, and honorary 5th member of Undone. We are SO thankful for Erin's generosity and the overwhelming amount of support and help she's given us in getting this blog up and going. Ok, what I really mean is the support she is still giving us.

So let's all take a minute to admire Erin's awesome skills and hard work. She has an awesome eye for design and has pretty much custom made all of our graphics. Skills to pay the bills. And Undone wasn't her first rodeo. She also redesigned Kati's photo blogWhit's personal blog, and Twist Me Pretty, which is run by another one of our high school acquaintances - not to mention she has her own blog and Etsy shop. She also offers custom blog design services from her site Jingleheimer Blog Design. You go girl!

You can see why we are so thankful for Erin. She has put in SO many hours making our blog look exactly the way we want it, and she has put up with all of our crap. I should really say mine and Kati's crap (we don't always see eye to eye). Erin can probably add "mediator" to her resume, because some how she always pulls out something to please us all. So now it's time we give a little back. Everything Erin has done for us has been on her own time and out of the goodness of her heart. Even with all of the demand we've put on her, she still finds time to be awesome in her everyday life. A few months ago Erin's dad, Brent, was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia.

Not only rare, but aggressive. Brent was lucky to have made it to a doctor in time - he was in Mexico the day before the diagnosis! One more day on that vacation could have been the difference between life and death for Erin's dad. Talk about shocking. You should really read the whole story here, she and her family are AMAZING!  I won't lie, I hadn't talked to Erin in years, and cried when I read the news about her dad. But just in time for Thanksgiving, Erin and her family have something be extra thankful for, as of a few weeks ago, Brent is leukemia free! Pretty sure I cried when I read that news too! However, this great news comes with a little gloomy shadow - medical expenses. Boo.

There are almost $100,000 in expenses that are NOT COVERED by insurance. Ouch! But we have an opportunity to really show Erin how thankful we are for all the time she's given us all while dealing with this huge event in her life, a fund raiser has been set up in her dad Brent's name to help the family cover the extra costs. So for all of you ladies out there who love our blog, help us show Erin how thankful we are to her for making it possible, follow the link below and donate to her family!


This event will end on Thanksgiving, so take a minute to think about everything you're thankful for in your own life, and then spread the love!!!

Erin, there will never be enough words to say how thankful we are for all of your help. You've stuck with us through the terrifying smilers and the collage madness, we owe EVERYTHING to you!

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