Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hamper Malfunction {Frequent Frustrations}

What is it with men and not understanding how hampers work? When I read Whit's post about her dirty laundry woes I was laughing my butt off, because Darren does almost the exact same thing! The dirty clothes are rarely ever in the hamper, but better yet, they're two inches away from it! There are pretty much two piles of Darren's clothes in our bedroom. One right next to the bed (and the hamper), and then another right in front of the shower.

But wait, there's one thing he does that is better. When I was pregnant with Quinn I was a terrible, horrible, awful nag -and I will fully admit it- about the dirty clothes on the floor. All you mamma's will probably know why I made such a big deal about it. The farther you get out of that first trimester, the harder it is to bend over. I'll be damned if I was going to exert that much effort, and risk not being able to get back up, to pick up his dirty clothes that he could EASILY put in the hamper. Seriously, move your arm over 2 inches before you drop that shirt. SOOOOOO he got a lot better at picking up his dirty clothes. While I was pregnant. 2 years later he's almost back to pre-pregnancy mess making status. But, hold on, leaving clothes on the floor wasn't what I was getting to - so he started picking them up, and he still does some times, but then he goes on to do this....
UNDONE: Dirty clothes on top of the hamper
THAT IS AN EMPTY HAMPER! Apparently lifting the lid is just too much. At least they're not always on the floor, but after a few days a huge pile ends up on top of the hamper, and we have throw them all off to open the lid and put them in. Silly boy. If that lid is not open the clothes go on top, without fail, every time. In all honesty this cracks me up more than frustrates me. Does he really think it's better to have a pile on top or the hamper rather than on the floor? Either way they're not in it. What silly habits does you hubby have?

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