Monday, December 24, 2012

1:13 on a Wednesday {Roll Call}

Christmas is almost here! And that usually means there is tons and tons of stuff that needs to get done! Let's see what the Undone gals were up to on the last Wednesday before Christmas. 

{The Undone Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:13 on a Wednesday

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{The Undone Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:13 on a Wednesday
SWEATER: Forever 21, PANTS: Forever 21, BELT: Aeropostale men's dept. BOOTS: don't you know by now? I wear these almost every day! I know how to pick my own gifts! 

What do you think of my PLAID PANTS!? I've got to tell the truth, I called this roll call so I could get some feedback on these babies! I've been making too many trips to Forever 21 lately, this sweater and pants are both new. A bunch of my Facebook friends told me I should get the pants, so I hope they didn't lead me astray! I feel like a I need a whole bunch of safety pins and mohawk to really rock these. Haha! But for real, they're wild and I kind of love them. Darren hates them because he says the fabric is too thin and tight on my butt and creepers will be staring at me. He's a little possessive of my butt. So what do you guys think? Should I get a mohawk? haha! Oh and I didn't do much today, I tried to take a day off before I had to start scrambling to get everything together for my trip to MT. 

{The Undone Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:13 on a Wednesday
ROBE: I'm not sure! I got it from my cousin for Christmas last year :) 

I had just gotten out of the shower when I saw the "roll call" text. As you can see, it took me a minute to get ready today :) In my defense, GG has been super clingy and grumpy lately. Oh the joy of teething! 

{The Undone Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:13 on a Wednesday
SHIRT: Old Navy  PANTS: Target
TOMS: Lolabella Boutique

Today was a glorious day, it was my hubby's first official day of his Christmas break from school. He finished his last final for this semester (which was a huge paper) on Tuesday, and I am so excited to have him homework free for about 3 weeks. My cute little family has an activity advent calendar we have been doing for this month. We do an activity each day to count down to Christmas as a family.  Some are small and some are a little bigger, some we do at home and some are outings. Today our activity was to visit Santa. My cute friend had some adorable pictures taken of her little man and Santa and told me fotofly was doing this awesome mini session. You can do a mini session with Santa at either Scheels or Thanksgiving point (By appointment) for only $25 and they give you a flash drive with all the good edited images they were able to get within that 10-15 minute window and a photo release. It was so much fun and so special for our little Maddux (2 1/2 years old) He was able to talk to him throughout the whole session, he gave him high fives, and just loved him. While we were at Scheels we thought we might as well have a look around. If you don't know what Scheels is it's a HUGE sporting and outdoor store in Sandy. Way awesome! It even has a Ferris wheel ride inside. When I got the text that informed me it was ROLL CALL time I just had to get my picture with this guy since we were right next to him at the time. I kinda love this place it had the cutest workout clothes I have ever seen :) Later on that night I got to go on a date to Ruth's Chris with my hubby and his parents for a company dinner. Ty works with his dad throughout the summers and to thank him he took us out to a Christmas company dinner. I had never been to Ruth's Chris before, but oh my it was amazingly delicious.

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