Monday, December 10, 2012

12:15 noon on a Sunday {Roll Call}

Sunday is a day of relaxation around my house. Some of us go to church, some of us spend time with family, and some might just take it easy before the week starts up again. What do you do on Sundays? Here is what we were wearing and what we were up to at noon on Sunday.
{UNDONE} Real Life Mom Fashion - 12:15 pm on a Sunday

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{UNDONE} Real Life Mom Fashion - 12:15 pm on a Sunday
DRESS: Target (so old),  SHIRT: Downeast, 
SOCKS: I can not for the life of me remember,  BOOTS: Lei Walmart 

Today I went to church, taught the young women's lessons, Maddux was a good boy in Sacrament (which is always a plus and miracle these days), but oh my goodness I was so tired. I have been watching Gossip Girl on Netflix and I am so addicted I have been staying up way too late and I am too old for the lack of sleep I have been getting. During church I had to feed Holden and totally fell asleep in the mothers room in the rocker! Haha! In this picture we had just gotten home, right after I changed into my comfy clothes (a Sunday routine of mine), we ate lunch, my cute visiting teachers came over, and then we all took a Sunday nap. I love Sunday naps and look forward to them all week long. Do I have any other Sunday nap lovers out there? The rest of the day was great, full of a delish roast dinner (that cooked in the crock pot all day), my niece's birthday party, and some family time. Now I am all rested, got my spiritual uplifting messages and am ready for a new week to start.

{UNDONE} Real Life Mom Fashion - 12:15 pm on a Sunday
SWEATER: Forever 21 (I just bought this with my birthday money this weekend!)
JEANS: Charlotte Russe (are these starting to look framilar to you yet?)

So.... I have to admit, this is the exact outfit I was wearing the night before. I spent so long digging in my closet and trying to decide what to wear that I finally just gave up and put back on yesterday's clothes. Sometimes picking out clothes is just too much work and you've got to go with what you already know looks ok! Ok, you can say it, I'm lazy. And it's true. I didn't do much this Sunday. I read a little bit, worked on a Christmas project (worked on but didn't finish), and basically just relaxed. Darren made dinner AND I got to run to the store without any kids, does it get more relaxing than that!?

{UNDONE} Real Life Mom Fashion - 12:15 pm on a Sunday


I didn't look at my phone till later that day when I was already at my parents house for a Christmas dinner. But what I looked like at 12:15 wasn't much different. I just had a long grey skirt on.

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