Monday, December 3, 2012

1:59 on a Tuesday {Roll Call}

Tuesday - it's better than Monday, but what else is there to say about this day? This last Tuesday we had an Undone craft day (Kati sat out because the chosen craft wasn't her style), so that gives us a little more to like about Tuesday.  Here's what looked like (apologies for the blurry pic, the little ones weren't up for a redo), and pictures of our creations are soon to come! 

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:59 PM on a Tuesday

Find out why we're wearing what we're wearing and what was going on in our day...

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:59 PM on a Tuesday
Target on all fronts

I was at my moms, and Charlie was not being the happiest of babies so he participated in Roll Call. His outfit, well PJ's, are from Carter's. I actually did my hair! not in a fancy way, but its clean, straightened, and pinned back. so I get major points for that. 

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:59 PM on a Tuesday

TIFFANY -  SHIRT: Hollister, JEANS: Aeropostale. 
This is my cool crafting outfit. I'm really really messy when I'm painting, so I didn't want to wear anything too cute for craft day. But the best part is that I had wet hair when Whit and Hai arrived, because I HATE blowdrying my hair, and crafting wasn't worthy or putting in that kind of effort.

HAILEY - PANTS: TJ Maxx, SHIRT: down east,  BOOTS: Steve Madden.
Today was a wet hair day for me too. gg had been particularly difficult this morning and refused to leave my side. So she cried the whole time I was in the shower. Opening up the shower curtain and yelling at me. Thus, leaving me with no choice but to just braid my hair and leave it. And apparently I do wear the same outfit everyday. Don't judge. Lol! I was so excited to hang out with Tiff and Whit! It felt so good to get out of the house and have some adult conversations. Here's to many more craft days!!!

WHITNEY - SHIRT: shade clothing company  SWEATS: Downeast  UGGs: Payless
Today was such a fun day and I needed it. The first two weeks of December are crazy for me, as I'm sure it is for all of you too. So a craft day and hangout with the undone girls is just what I needed. I love how the snowmen turned out, I loved the conversation and the kids had fun playing together too. Sometimes you just need some girl time am I right ladies :)

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