Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Stocking Holders {Daily Diaries}

Since we shared a craft with you earlier this week, I decided to share something else I made for the holidays and turn this into a full craft week from me. Why not get all of our crafts out at once? I basically didn't make anything new for Halloween this year so I thought I'd try a little harder for Christmas, and my favorite thing that I made this year are these cute photo frame stocking holders!
{The Undone Blog} DIY stocking holders and free printable!

I have a sparse collection of pretty random Christmas decorations, which is probably the norm for most people in their twenties. Most of my stuff is my mom's cast offs and then a few inexpensive things I've picked out since Darren and I have been married. I try to add a little bit each year, and one thing I've wanted for a while is stocking holders. But I have had a hard time finding any that I like that don't cost a fortune. I seriously cannot believe how expensive stocking holders are! A few weeks back my problems were solved by Pinterest when I saw this

and this
and I realized I could make some, since I'm so picky and cheap. The only obstacle was then getting all the stuff together, and that took a few weeks because I'm cool like that. So here's what I got and how I made my cute little creations. 

Supplies for one stocking holder

2x4 block cut to 5.5 inches 
3.5x5 photo frame
Wooden letter
Craft paint and brush
Small nails
Glue gun

Once again I turned to my dad for my wood cutting needs and he cut the base block for me out of some scraps he had lying around. Then I sanded off the rough edges and painted them red. I only did one coat because I kind of liked the wood showing through. After they dried (wich wasn't long because I just used craft paint), I screwed in the hooks. Very poorly, I might add. I'm terrible with a drill, so these are a bit crooked, but oh well. Once the hooks were secure I figured out were I wanted the frame and letter to be and I tapped some small nails in to help give the frame and letters some stability once they were glued down. Lastly I glued the frames and letters in place. 

Here's a pic of the set up with the nails and the glue.
{The Undone Blog} DIY stocking holders and free printable!

Before I hung the stockings I threw a couple of Command Strips on the bottom of the base to keep everything secure. Darren was worried about the stability of these things if they got pulled on by the kids, so better safe than sorry! 
{The Undone Blog} DIY stocking holders and free printable!

Then I hung the stockings and took a step back to admire my work! 
{The Undone Blog} DIY stocking holders and free printable!

I found my frames and hooks at Target and I paid $3.99 for each frame and then another $3.09 for a 2 pack of hooks.

My letters were on sale at Hobby Lobby, bringing them in at $2 each. So with the paint (89 cents) and the photos (60 cents for both), these stocking holders came in under $20 for the set, which isn't bad. The cheapest, most boring and totally plain stocking holders that I found were still $10 each, and the cute ones were like $15 to $20 each. And these are totally personalized to my kids and WAY cuter than anything I have seen in stores. 

These are definitely my favorite Christmas item in the house! 
{The Undone Blog} DIY stocking holders and free printable!

And what do you think of my naught or nice sign? Guess what, I made that too! And because I love all of our followers so much, I'm going to share it here on Undone, for anyone to print and use!

{The Undone Blog} Naughty or Nice printable
I'm new to this whole offering a printable thing, so if you can't access this image let me know. But I'm pretty sure you can click on the photo and save the jpeg file to your computer then print! 

I hope you all have enjoyed my crafts this week. I know they're not the most "Undone" thing in the whole world. But we want to show all sides of our lives, and with messes and tantrums dominating most of our time, it's exciting to share the few moments that are less messy! But if it makes you feel any better, I went through the most ridiculous ordeal getting the photos printed and I hate the quality of them! AND before I secured the stocking holders Darren decided to "test" out their strength and sent one flying right into my back, breaking the frame off! Now that sounds more like the Undone life! How many mistakes and mishaps do you usually encounter before you finish a project? 

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