Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To {Daily Diaries}

So it was my 26th birthday last week. I have to be honest, I wasn't as excited for this birthday as I usually am. YIKES! Am I already to the point were I want to stop counting birthdays!? Now I know I'm not old, per se, and I don't feel that way (too much), but I don't exactly feel young anymore either.  I made a lot of jokes about "when I turn 25 again this year," but it's not like this feeling is a new 26-year-old thing. It's more like the birthday was another thing to add to the list of stuff that has sucked my youth away. Ok, overdramatic I know. But what has happened to me!?

I used to live for rock concerts, now I prefer to relax in the back if I ever go.

I used to stay up until the wee hours of the morning, now I'm lucky if I make it past 10.

Almost EVERYONE I know from high school is pregnant at this very moment, or planning their next pregnancy, and I'm 98.8% sure I'm done having kids.

I graduated from college over 2 years ago.

I graduated from high school almost 8 years ago.

Next October I will have known Darren for 10 years.

I can actually reference certain things in 10 year increments.

Both of my baby sisters are in high school.

I like buying clothes for my kids better than myself.

I used to HAVE to make it to the midnight premiere of every big movie, now I'm lucky if I make it to most movies while they're still in theaters!

And so on...

But hey, that's life right? You grow up and stuff changes. I still get out every now and then, even if it's only a couple times a year, and I've got some awesome friends who are always a blast. Even though I'm getting older, I wouldn't go back to be 16 for anything - even though it would be great to rock out in the front row at Blink-182, there are so many things that are AWESOME about my older person life! My kids are the cutest, and I don't have to worry about homework, and who can say that's not great?

And all in all my birthday was great. I got a new phone,

Nexus 4 phone

some wicked new boots, 
Ursula Wedge Boot

and two new books, among other stuff.
World War Z & The Casual Vacancy - Birthday gifts

And we also went to see "A Christmas Carol" at Pioneer theater, which was FABULOUS! 
A Christmas Carol playbook

So I guess 26 is ok. At least Darren will always be one year older than me, so I can still feel younger than him :)

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