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Neither Rhyme Nor Reason {Guest Post}

So we've got a nice little treat for everyone today - an special guest post from the awesome Alli at Neither Rhyme Nor Reason!

Alli Rutland

Everyone should go check her blog out, she's an awesome mom of 2 little cuties, and an amazing birthmother to one more little gal. She's living the good life of being an Undone lady, keeping it all going every day. Today Alli is going to share her adventures in cloth diapering with us! It doesn't get more mom than talking diapers! Take it away Alli!

Cloth Diapers.

My older sister started cloth diapering her youngest over three years ago.  This was the first I had heard of cloth diapering since my Mom used to tell me the horror stories of when she was cloth diapering my own butt.

Gross, right?
Only hippies cloth diaper, no?

These were my thoughts.  I was sure she was nuts.  Then I learned I was pregnant with baby number two and started wondering how on earth we were going to afford two children, so I looked into it for myself. 

Gone are the days of sticking yourself with diaper pins and throwing prefolds into stinky hampers full of water.  These are the days of one size fits all diapers and wetbags and cloth diaper options galore!

Who’s not a hippie?  Who doesn’t even recycle even though there is recycling can in her driveway? (You can judge me, it’s on my pre-planned new years resolution list.)  Who uses paper towels to clean even though she should be using rags because it’s easier? 


This girl also cloth diapers.
And it’s only a little gross.  But show me a poop filled diaper that isn’t.

Here are the responses I get when people find out I cover Sundaes bum in cloth:

Do you have a diaper service?  I’d have to have a diaper service.  There’s no way I’d wash those.

Don’t you get poop all over your hands?

I hear cloth diapers are super expensive.  Does it even save you that much money?


Here are my answers:

Do you have a diaper service?  I’d have to have a diaper service.  There’s no way I’d wash those.

No.  I cloth diaper because we are dirt freaking poor.  Like, we eat grilled cheese sandwiches and baked beans for dinner way too often poor.  POOR.  I’m not going to pay for a diaper service when I am perfectly capable of running a washing machine.  Washing the things is the easiest part of the whole program!  Step one; throw diaper in washing machine.  Step two; throw diaper insert into dryer and diaper cover on the drying rack.  Done.

Don’t you get poop all over your hands?

What?  Do you get poop all over your hand when you change a diaper?  What the heck are you doing with that diaper?  I assure you, I do not cover my hands in poop.  If my Sun-a-Bun poops in cloth I wipe her cheeks, then I drop solid poop into the toilet and wipe the dipe.  Then I fold up the diaper (poop side in) and stick it in a wet bag.  I turn the wet bag inside out to empty it into the washing machine (again, my hands don’t touch)…and you know the rest.

If you can’t even handle that you can get a diaper sprayer.  Hooks to your toilet and you just spray the poop off the diaper into the toilet.  Easy peasy.

I hear cloth diapers are super expensive.  Does it even save you that much money?

Here’s a fun fact:  according to diaperpin.com it costs between three and four thousand dollars to diaper a child from birth to potty training.  Seriously.

I have tried a few brands of cloth diapers now and my favorite brand is Green Bees Diapers.  Her “everything but the baby” package costs $180.  These diapers fit a child from newborn to 35 lbs. 

You do the math.

{The Undone Blog} Cloth Diaper Q&A
First- Diaper set to smallest setting.  Sunny has been wearing them on this setting for two months.  Then- Diaper at largest setting.  This size fits my two year old
As for the “gross”…I agree.  But in my personal opinion, disposable diapers are gross too.  I have a two year old who has never worn a cloth diaper, she’s disposable all the way.  And it’s gross.  It’s all gross my friends.

I save a ton of money, do one more load of laundry every other day and Sundae has cute colors protecting her little booty.  Do yourself a favor…research it for yourself!
{The Undone Blog} Cloth Diaper Q&A
Sundae modeling her newest Green Bees diaper. And then she's ready to be picked up and loved.
Email me with questions at xxluvya@hotmail.com.  I blog about life, motherhood and adoption and allirutland.blogspot.com.

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Jes said...

I cloth diaper also. The poop question is always the first one I get.

People get really interested when I tell them we have had zero blow-outs in four months.

If you're ever ready for more diapers I really like SunBaby Diapers. They're cheap and very well made.

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