Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ornament Surgery {Frequent Frustrations}

So once upon a time I kinda got sucked into one of those mail order clubs, if you don't know what I'm talking about, think order 15 CD's for 1 penny, or get 25 Dr. Seuss books and a backpack for $8 and we'll send you new ones to preview every month. Yeah, I know, I'm a sucker, it's true. So the one I got pulled into was ornaments, and not just any ornaments, Disney ornaments!
{The Undone Blog} Disney Christmas Tree
Give me a little bit of credit, because it's not terrible like the CD thing where the price of the CD is a penny but it's $20 shipping for each CD, and then later you have to buy 10 CD's at $25 a piece. They just send you an ornament every year and if you don't like it you can send it back for free. I know they make their money from people feeling too lazy to send it back. But I won't lie, I LOVE the ornaments, although Darren says they're expensive, but they're the same price or less than Hallmark ornaments. Alright, you have to pay a little for shipping, and they do seem to be going up in price every year, and one totally lame thing is when they send two and charge shipping on both. That last reason is why Darren didn't let me get this year's ornaments, which were an ADORABLE Sully and Mike from Monster's Inc.
Ah! I wanted those guys so bad! Oh well, maybe next year I can track them down on Ebay. We did get 3 new ornaments from the Disney Store this year, so I guess I can't complain too much. Especially since our new ones are majorly cute too. 
{The Undone Blog} Disney Christmas Tree
Anyway.... I've encountered one BIG problem with these ornaments... Quinn LOVES them! They're TOO cute and they look like fun little toys. Not to mention they are all of her favorite characters, so who can blame her for wanting to play with them? My tree has been "undecorated" several times. I basically ended up putting ornaments on the tree according to one rule - the more Quinn likes a character, the higher their ornament goes on the tree. This was working ok until she randomly found The Incredibles DVD and fell in love. Unfortunately their ornaments were near the bottom. 
{The Undone Blog} Disney Christmas Tree
The Incredibles are off the tree almost every day, but thankfully they're pretty sturdy and don't have any parts that can break off easily. Sadly, that can't be said for most of the other ornaments. I've had to do several ornament surgeries with my handy dandy super glue. Angel Donald's wings were broken off, both of Goofy's ears and his whole HEAD was broken off, Minnie lost an arm and a leg, Mater's tow cable was snaped, Cinderella lost both arms, our swinging Snow White became swing-less, Piglet had a cracked snowflake, and the saddest of all, our new Rapunzel lost an arm, which I couldn't get to fit right when gluing!
{The Undone Blog} Disney Christmas Tree
What is actually the saddest part about this one is that it happened in the car on the way home from the Disney store! And I made it even worse! Quinn just broke Rapunzel's hand off, and then I put her in my coat pocket and she got smooshed when I was taking Quinn out of the car! So maybe I should cut little Quinn some slack? Rapunzel is still our favorite, and I bet no one would know anything was wrong with the arm if I hadn't just shown you! 

After so many ornament injuries I've been cracking down on character safety. I've stopped letting Quinn take ornaments off the tree, even if she throws a fit. I told her they are just for looking and they have to stay, and usually she has me hold her up and let her touch every single one (even Buzz at the tippy top of the tree), and she leaves them on the tree. Except The Incredibles. I've had a hard time keeping those guys safe. I guess I could move them up if it comes to that, but I really don't want the bottom third of our tree to be bare! I'm hoping next year she'll be a little better, but who knows, she could be worse! So I'll show you a few of our favorites in case they all end up broken at the hands of Quinn. 

{The Undone Blog} Disney Christmas Tree
Soooooo, we have 2 Rapunzels. We like her a lot, ok! I really love all of them, but it would take me too long to take a picture of every ornament and I don't want to bore you to death! Next year we're getting Spider-Man, no matter what! What is your favorite ornament? And how do you keep your toddler away from them!? I need to know! 

Help me keep these cuties safe! 
{The Undone Blog} Disney Christmas Tree

I hope you all have a great Holiday, whatever it is that you celebrate! I'll be off to Montana celebrating Christmas with my huge extended family for a week, so Merry Christmas from Wall-E and me! 


Kristie said...

One way you could fix this problem is finding some happy meal toys from the di, and using them on a tree for her. They are already toys so she can't ruin them, and if she did, it wouldn't matter. They didn't cost much. :)

Tiffany Renee said...

That's a great idea, Kristie! I'm crossing my fingers she'll leave the ornaments on the tree at least this year, but if not I'll have to try your idea. Thanks!

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