Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Road Trip {Daily Diaries}

{The Undone Blog} Road Trip Tips

 Road trips are a bit stressful when you have one kid, but with two it just doubles that anticipation and stress right before. Will they sleep? Will they cry? How can we keep them happy and entertained? Will the DVD player stay working? How is it going to go? We have gone down to St. George quite a bit to visit family, and a gone to California a few times with Maddux, and it depends on what trip for how the kids do. There have been times Maddux will not sleep and is sad the whole time, there has been times when he is happy but won't sleep, and everything in between. A year and a half ago we went to Disneyland and Maddux was sick all the way to California, that was miserable. Last year we went to San Diego and he was pretty much good the whole way there. So you just never know what you are going to get. I used to like road trips, just me and Ty talking, jammin to music and not a care in the world. Then the kids come along and you have all the stresses and questions I mentioned above. Not so enjoyable. I would love to fly every where we go,  but that just isn't in the budget, so I am going to share a few things that have at least helped us the times we have gone on road trips with kids.

{The Undone Blog} Road Trip Tips

 -First and for most, have a portable DVD player and your kids favorite DVD's- these are a life saver I have no idea how parents went on trips without these. In fact ours is on its last leg and I told Ty we have to get a new one before our next road trip

-Second, make sure you have their favorite blanket or stuffed animal or both to snuggle with. We even bring a little pillow and if your child uses a binky make sure to have that in the car too

-Third, don't forget the bottle or sippy cup. Just like us they get thirsty on long car rides

-Forth, make sure you have some of their favorite snacks on hand. Just because it is a road trip does not mean these have to be junk food. You can pre slice and peel apples and put them in a baggie, mini carrots, raisins and crackers are good snacks.

{The Undone Blog} Road Trip Tips

-Fifth, we bring some toys now that we have a toddler to make sure they stay entertained and with a baby we bring the chain link rings that you can attach to the top of the babies car seats

-Sixth, have some of their favorite songs on CD or turn off the music and have a family sing along in the car

-Seventh, depending how long the drive is make sure to take potty breaks, to change diapers and to let the kid out for a little bit just for enough time to stretch out their legs 

I am not saying that these always work perfect or that they would make every child happy but these are the tips that have worked for us so I thought I would pass them along to maybe help someone else out on their next road trip with kids.

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