Thursday, January 31, 2013

Messy Mommy {Daily Diaries}

Lately it seems like most of the spills and disasters in the house are coming from me and not the kids.  Ok, maybe not most - but I shouldn't be making ANY messes!  I've been a spilling, stumbling, dirty ole mess and I need to get my act together!

A couple of days ago I knocked a full cup of iced tea off the counter.
Oh man, that was a BIG mess! It would have been a lot better if it were just water and not something sticky! Well at least it finally got me to mop the kitchen and clean the appliances.

Then today I spilled a whole box of Mike and Ike.
At least those were easy to clean up.

Finally, check out the worst of the mess making - this nice pink stain is from me.
That's right, I spilled red Kool-aid on the floor. This was awful because as I was cleaning it up I knocked the cup over AGAIN, and made the mess even worse.

Geesh, I thought I was the mess cleaner, not the mess maker! It's just too bad that there's no one to swoop in behind me and take care of it all like I do for the kids. Nope. Just me. I've really got to stop making more work for myself!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2:31pm on a Saturday {Roll Call}

Another Saturday Roll Call! I (Hailey) thought it would be fun to do a "Family" roll call because we haven't done one of those for a while. So here are our families...and then some! Let's see what everyone was up to!!!
{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion: 2:31 on a Saturday

Read on to find out more about our whole fam! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Drops of Awesome!!! {Daily Diaries}

As a stay at home mom, I feel inadequate and unproductive. Almost all of the time. I beat myself up constantly about the small things and the big things. I considered myself to be an upbeat and positive person. But as soon as I became a mom, I felt unimportant and insignificant. I always think "oh, I could've done that better" or "You're not a very good friend to 'so and so'" or "Look at you! Should you really be eating that cookie?" etc.

Needless to say, I talk myself down all the time which makes me feel like crap! I compare myself to others and it makes me feel horrible about myself. I've tried to be better in the last year, giving myself a little bit of credit, here and there. But at times, I still felt like a big ball of mommy crap.

I've been searching for some positive reading material and I came upon this blog post that one of my friends shared on FB about a month or so ago. She said to "Take a look! It will make you feel better about yourself." And I thought...."Well, what can it hurt?" So, I clicked on the link and it took me here

Please, read this post. It has truly made me think of myself in a better light. I loved this sentence when she said

"When I started thinking about my life in terms of adding these little Drops of Awesome for every tiny act of good, I found that I was doing more and more of them because it’s a lot more fun to do good when you’re rewarded with joy, rather than being guilted about every failure in your past." 

I've started applying this to my own life, and I can honestly say that it has helped me immensely! I'm happier when I'm with Gracie, I'm happier when I'm with Jared. Most of all, I'm happier with myself. I'm not a perfect person. In fact, I'm completely undone most of the time. But, by telling myself that the little things I do DO matter, has helped me have a more positive outlook on my life. I have a purpose. I'm not defined by what I do not do. I am a good person. I try my hardest. And that's all I can do. I loved this blog post so much! Read it and let me know what you think!

Today my drops of awesome include:

*Trying out a new pinterest hair-do.
*Eating a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast instead of I really wanted to do. lol!
*Showering before 11am. This is unheard of.
*Getting Gracie dressed and ready before 11am.
*Snacking on carrots and orange peppers. Instead of I really wanted to do.
*Getting out of the house with Gracie.
*Not losing my cool with a teething baby.

Winning!!! My bucket of awesome is being filled in a timely manner today. And. It feels good!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dog Days {Frequent Frustrations}

Go ahead and turn me in to PETA if you want, because I have a serious confession. I'm not a dog person. Gasp! I know! My husband has a really hard time grasping the concept that someone can be anything less than completely ecstatic in the presence of a dog, and he gets upset with me for getting upset when the dog licks me. But I just don't care for dogs! I don't like the way they smell, I don't like having their hair all over everything, and I don't like cleaning up after them.

I didn't really have such an aversion to canines until I was a teenager. We always had dogs when I was little, often more than one, and I never had a problem with any of them. I'd say things changed when I got the age that I cared about hair and funky smells getting all over my things. And then I really started disliking dogs when my sister got a Chocolate Lab before I moved out of my parents house.  That dog chewed up a few precious things and pretty much put the final nail in the coffin for my feelings towards dogs.

After all of that would you be surprised to hear that I live with a German Shepherd? The only reason for this is that I love Darren and he is crazy about dogs! Also, he got her before I lived with him, because he's smart like that, and I couldn't say no then. He did let me pick between the girl and the boy dog though, since I would be living with him eventually. Of course I chose the smaller girl dog.
I thought it would be ok, because I had German Shepherd when I was a kid and I did like that dog a lot. Plus she was adorable when she was a puppy. I never said I didn't like puppies! In fact, I LOVED Emelie when she was a puppy. I would sit her on my lap and play with all of the time. But sadly folks, nothing gold can stay. I didn't live with her then, and I realized that all animals are fine when you don't live with them.
Now that she's grown up and I spend every single day at home with her, I have quite a different opinion about my dog. I wouldn't say that I hate her, but I'm definitely frequently frustrated by her!

Lately she's been getting on the furniture when we're gone, so I have to pile tons of stuff on the couch to keep her off it. Not like that is too hard to do, but it'd be nicer if I didn't have to worry about it.

I'm more aggravated by the stuff she does when I'm home though.

Like following me everywhere all the time at a distance of 2 inches. My dog has no concept of personal space! I'm constantly tripping over her!

She barks like crazy, we eventually had to get her a bark collar to keep her from scaring the neighbor kids.

She's always hitting Quinn in the face with her tail, or completely knocking her over.

She freaks out any time ANYONE comes to the door, and she will jump on people when they come in.

She licks me and it's gross.

And probably the most annoying thing of all about my dog is the SHEDDING! Ah, the shedding, I can't take it. Look at my zebra couch, can you see the hair on it? That's not really bad, and this picture isn't even showing you how much is there.
This is in every room of my house. I've seriously been in tears over dog hair, it's so out of control. I have to vacuum constantly and there is still hair everywhere. Quinn's favorite blanket is coated in the stuff because she drags it everywhere and even plays in the dog kennel with it. And no matter how hard I try to keep it off me, it's just no use. Every time I look at my black pea coat I die a little inside. Whenever I leave I spend so much time cleaning it off off with the sticky rolly thing (ah, the sticky rolly thing is the only thing keeping my sanity) and it's already got hair on it again before I get to the car! I blame Quinn's blanket for transferring most of the dog hair to my coat.

Gah, you guys, it's so gross! I'm losing my mind over it! I'm basically to the point where I settle for things being mostly dog hair free, because nothing is ever completely clean. What was I thinking with a German Shepherd? I guess when I was 8 I didn't notice the dog hair. But I feel so bad when my kids' toys are covered in dog hair because, of course, they're always on the floor. I've seriously been picking dog hair out of the Barbie's hair. Poor Pocahontas looks like she's sprouting grays!
Does anyone have any good tips for containing dog hair? We have the Furminator brush, but Darren never brushes her! Maybe I should just "remind" him to do it more often. I also try to vacuum a lot, but the floor has to be clear to vacuum, and Quinn likes to make sure she's counterproductive to that goal. And really, I've got to vacuum every day to help. So I guess I just need to decide if I hate dog hair more than I like being lazy?

Bleh. At least my fence is back up so I can put her outside and I she isn't constantly right next to me. Sorry people, I'm just REALLY not a dog person.  But, like I said, Darren is, and after all that whining I just did about my dog, I went and entered a photo of her into a contest at the local radio station. The grand prize is a meet and greet with Cesar Milan (he's The Dog Whisperer, if you didn't know) and tickets to his show in Salt Lake City! I could really care less about this, but Darren LOVES Cesar, so I did it for him, just like I live with a dog for him. So if you're not too busy right now I would love you forever if you voted for us!

THIS is Emelie's entry. Did I mention that she likes to eat cat poop? Because she does. Lovely, right?
Vote as many times as you want, and give everyone else a 1 if you feel like it. I really hope we win, I can't tell you how many episodes of The Dog Whisperer I've seen, and as you've leaned, I'm not a dog person!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Maddux & Holden's Nursery {Daily Diaries}

We just started a new series here at Undone and are going to be show you peaks into our homes. exciting right?! Kinda scary for me. I love to craft and decorate but I am always trying to change things and take on a million projects and rooms at once and so nothing ever seems to get done. Plus we are renting so I can't change some things that I would like to if it were my home. Anyway this month we are sharing the nurseries. Since we are living in a two bedroom basement apartment my two boys share a room so I will be giving you a tour of their shared room (ages 2 1/2 and 5 months). Hailey and Tiffany shared their adorable girl nurseries with you the last two weeks and now it is my turn and this time it is no pink and ALL BOY! Whoever said boy rooms are no fun to decorate was very wrong. I have had a blast and I love how it all turned out. So I will be giving you a tour from the time you walk in the door all the way around the room with some links to tutorials and places that I got some of my stuff. Welcome to Maddux and Holden's Room.

{The UNDONE Blog} Boy's Nursery

This is the view right as you open the door. There is a random little cove and a door to the back storage room. But we don't use that door since there is also one in the hall to the same room (weird I know) so we just keep it locked and the little cove is a perfect place for the rocker and the perfect corner for the stuffed animal canopy.The Huge Red dog Ty gave to me on our first Valentine's married and the adorable huge elephant Santa gave to Holden this year.  The very first thing we did to this room when we first moved in was paint it a light brown (it was a light pink, and my boys were not going to have a pink room), because we wanted the room colors to be brown, red, blue and white. Very boy don't you think?!  We got the rocker for free from one of our good friends down in Cedar City and I have been meaning to recover it and put more padding in it but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

{The UNDONE Blog} Boy's Nursery  - stuffed animal canopy

Our boys have way too many stuffed animals but they love them and we rotate which ones Maddux sleeps with so they pretty much all get used. I got this canopy over in the Toys section by the stuffed animals at Walmart for about $7 I think. I love it because it keeps them organized and takes little space.

{The UNDONE Blog} Boy's Nursery - car mat, for play and style

Maddux loves his car mat so much and so I thought we would use it for their rug in their room too. Cute and fun to play with win win for boys and mom. I got this mat at Ikea for only $15. So worth it if you have a boy in the house.

{The UNDONE Blog} Boy's Nursery

Moving along, once you walk in a little bit you will see the closet to the left of the cove and the crib to the left of that, all along the same wall.That closet totally cracks me up, it reminds me of church dividers. Right?! haha. If it was my house and we weren't renting those would be the first to go, but for now there they are :)
{The UNDONE Blog} Small and Strong, wonderful Tarzan quote for a nursery!

Above the closet we have one of my very favorite quotes from Tarzan "For one so small you seem so Strong" and a newborn picture of Maddux.  My boys are freakishly strong babies. They hold their heads up on their own when they are only days old. Everyone that holds them when they are babies says how strong they are. I thought it was normal until I held other babies and I actually had to support their heads haha and they were all floppy. One day when Maddux was a baby Ty and I were watching Tarzan and this song came on and we both looked at each other and said that is so Maddux and now it is so Holden too so that is why we put that quote on their wall. BTW I don't know if I am an overly emotional mom but that song makes me cry every time I hear it. I cut the vinyl myself on my silhouette cutting machine. and painted that frame red I got from the DI for only 50 cents.

{The UNDONE Blog} Nursery closet organization - dresser in the closet saves so much space!

In the closet there is Holden's dresser (We got this dresser from my mom for free. Isn't it cute? And it fits in the closet perfectly), nice shirts and jackets hung, a hanging organizer (you can get them at Walmart or Target this one is an old one Ty used in his college apartment) with diapers, wipes, bath towels and blankets, bins (I think I got them all at target) with books, shoes, burp clothes and bibs, and bath and medicine supplies.

{The UNDONE Blog} Boy's Nursery

To the left of the closet on the same wall fits Holden's crib perfectly. We got this crib for free from my mom and dad and we used it for Maddux and now Holden. I got the adorable bedding back in 2010 at Walmart in a set and have used it for both my boys. I love it!

{The UNDONE Blog} DIY an awesome display with moulding and MDF! You can take this down and move it anywhere in your house!

This super cute HUGE wall frame that sits above the crib was made by me and Ty. It was so much fun working on it together and it is the exact statement piece that I wanted. We got a piece of MDF board painted it blue (left over paint from the dresser we painted...see below), added some molding we painted white, criss crossing it at the points (attached with wood glue and nails), and added some white shelfing we got from good ol Target and viola! Isn't it fun? You can check out the full tutorial HERE I have seen things similar that they just painted a rectangle on the wall the color they wanted and then framed it with molding but we wanted to be able to take this with us when we moved to we did it on the MDF instead. On the small top shelf I put some adorable vintage baby toys (top and music player) that my mom gave me at a baby shower. On the bottom shelf I have a newborn picture of Holden in a 50 cent frame from the DI that I painted red, a cute owl I got for $1 at Target, and a temple print I got from an Etsy shop called My LDS temple (I have a few prints from them and LOVE them!!!!) that I put in a dollar store frame that I painted white.  Then lastly to finish it off I added The letters M and H for my boy's names, Maddux and Holden, with some white vinyl that I cut with my craft cutter.

{The UNDONE Blog} Hang personal photos in your nursery

As you turn the corner on the next wall and at the head of the crib I just simply put an adorable picture of my two boys together. And yes I got this frame at the DI (again) and painted it red. See a theme here with the revamping?! Oh also I put this frame up with picture hanging command strips. I love these because they don't put any holes in your walls and they don't cause any damage to the wall when you take them off. And it makes it so easy to get your pictures to hang straight and not move.

{The UNDONE Blog} Red striped nursery curtains from a SHOWER CURTAIN! So cute!

Just left of the picture and the crib is the changing table in front of the window. Sorry about the lighting. We live in a basement apartment so the lighting is not so great. Ok lets start with that changing table shall we. This little beauty was a pain in my butt, but I love how it turned out so it is ok. Back when I was pregnant with my first son, My mom gave me this changing table that she had used for my little brothers. It was white and I knew I wanted to paint it brown to match the crib. The problem was back then they did not have the selection of spray paint that they do now so I had to brush paint it and it took soooo long. But it looks so good now because I took my sweet time on it. The changing pad came with it and then I just bought a blue fuzzy cover for it at Walmart. Also there used to be some blue, red and tan bins that went on the shelves to hold baby supplies, toys and books but when Maddux got older and into a toddler bed I moved them or he never would have napped and just would have made a mess, so they are in the closet now. Ok, now to the curtains. This is actually a cloth shower curtain hahah funny huh. I have been on the hunt for the right curtains or fabric for so long and just never found what I was looking for then one day I was walking through Target and saw this amazing red and white striped cloth shower curtain, and that was that, I bought it. And did kinda what I did HERE. I cut it down the middle, sewed a new hem on each side, and folded over the top and sewed a hem with an opening for the curtain rod and they were done and I LOVE them and the fabric is thick and super good quality.

{The UNDONE Blog} Red, White, and Blue Nursery

{The UNDONE Blog} Nautical Dresser Makeover

Next in the corner is the dresser. Mine and Hubby's very first revamping furniture project. It was the start and now I love changing old furniture to look new. We got this dresser for free from a friend. I just realized we got a ton of baby stuff for FREE. We are so lucky. It is a nice solid oak dresser. It had great bones but I was not digging the color so we painted it blue. And this blue was a mistint so it was only $5 for a whole gallon and we only used like a 1/2 gallon. This is the same color we used for the framed wall piece above. I did not like the hardware so we used rope instead. I love the look especially for a little boy. We painted it using the same steps as my post HERE. On the dresser we have a lamp (that I have had since a teenager), Piggy bank (baby gift), an ABC print (from my mom), Greg Maddux baseball cards (Who Maddux is named after kinda, that is where we got the idea for the name and spelling), little boy willow tree, mickey mouse bank, star (I got a a yard sale), Mickey ears (from Maddux's first time at Disneyland....Oh how I want to go back), and a picture of Christ (every time we sing Sunbeam at night Maddux has to hold this picture). Above the dresser I made some adorable DIY tissue paper pom poms (you can find my tutorial on these HERE). I think they look perfect in that corner. Each pom pom was about $1.

{The UNDONE Blog} ABC wall for a nursery - with link to tutorial

On the next wall  over is Maddux's toddler bed (cars theme of course and again free hand me down in perfect shape might I add) and above his bed the ABC wall.

{The UNDONE Blog} ABC wall, with link to tutorial

This is my favorite thing in their room. Me and my mom made all these letters together. She gave me a bunch of them for a baby shower and then I bought some. Mix matching sizes, fonts and styles. Then I went and bought some coordinating paper in reds, blues, and browns, got some paint and me and mom got to work. To see how to do these letters you can see my tutorial HERE or HERE. It took a long time but it was so worth it. Oh and I get the question all the time of how I hung them, and I used the picture hanging command stripsThey are amazing I tell ya.

{The UNDONE Blog} ABC wall, with link to tutorial

{The UNDONE Blog} Cute Boys Room

At the head of Maddux's bed I hung these cute pictures my mom gave me. I love them and Maddux loves the ones with his name on it especially because he has a red bike just like that now.

{The UNDONE Blog} Fabric tree design using starch! Perfect for renters!

On the last wall is another one of my favorite project The Tree I made! You can find the full tutorial HERE. But pretty much I just found a picture of the tree I wanted, projected it up on the wall and traced it to some fabric I wanted to use (brown for the trunk, green for the leaves, red and white for the owl), cut out the fabric, and then put it on the wall with liquid starch and a foam roller to smooth it out. The starch makes it stick to the wall, but when you want to take it down it peals right off with no damage. It is cool huh?!?!

{The UNDONE Blog} Ruler Height Chart

And lastly on the back of their door I put this adorable height chart ruler that my mom gave to me for Christmas. I love it. We are going to mark their heights on it every birthday :)

So what do you think? Pretty darn cute and stylin for a shared little Boys' room right?! I just wish I had a better camera to capture the REAL LIFE cuteness of it. It is even better in person.

Monday, January 21, 2013

2:20 PM on a Sunday {Roll Call}

For some people Sunday is a day to relax, to worship, to be with family, to play (since it is the last day of the Weekend), and for others it can be a crazy day. What type of day is Sunday to you? Come and see what the Undone girls have going on on a Sunday afternoon.

Click on to see more about our outfits and our day.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mannequin Mayhem! {Frequent Frustrations}

Ever since Gracie was a infant, she's been deathly afraid of certain things. And I mean DEATHLY. For example; cats, dogs, teddy bears, anything that looks furry, my faux fur vest, halloween decor, Santa, Barbies with black hair, men with beards, moles on peoples faces, etc. She is spooked ALL the time. I swear! I'm constantly making sure that she comfortable and that the environment around her is free of "scary" things. It's really exhausting sometimes! Gracie's newest "thing" that she's afraid of is mannequins. I guess I can kind of relate. Those faceless, stiff, lifeless things have an erie-ness about them. I had a really funny experience with Grace and some mannequins back in December. My mom, my sister, gg, and I all went Christmas shopping and I let Grace out of the stroller and run around in the department store. We passed a few mannequins when I realized that Grace wasn't by my side anymore. I looked back and this is what I saw.

Pretty funny, right? She hates the mannequins! But this is how she acts all the time! Except for when she see's something that she REALLY doesn't like, she shudders for like an hour afterwards! Are any of your kids like this? Keep in mind, this was a very mild case of the "scaredy-cat's" for Gracie. It's usually a full blown shudder fest. She's quite animated. This whole thing is very crazy to me, because Jared and I have never taught her to be afraid of anything. It's seriously like a phobia. I don't get it. And I want to help Grace overcome her fears...of everything. Lol! Anyways. If you have any tips or tricks on how to keep your kids from being afraid of life, let me know. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quinn's Nursery {Daily Diaries}

Last week Hailey told you that we're going to start giving you a peak into our homes, and this month is all about nurseries! So I hope you're ready to take a look at Quinn's nursery!

Once upon a time, when Quinn was first born, this is what her room looked like
{The UNDONE Blog} Cute Girl Nursery! Pink, Aqua, and Black

{The UNDONE Blog} Cute Girl Nursery! Pink, Black, and Aqua

But a couple of months ago I decided to change it up, because sometimes I feel the need to rearrange every room in the house. Really I was getting tired of how tight it was between the dresser, the recliner, and the window. I could either have enough space to open the curtains or open the dresser drawers. So I moved things into a less cramped arrangement.

The room is ridiculously small, so I didn't really have a lot of options, and this is the new arrangement I decided on.
{The UNDONE Blog} Cute Girl Nursery! Pink, Black, and Aqua
Now you've got to go around the bed to get the closet, but that's a lot better than the previous situation. She does have a little less open space for playing, but she does about 90 percent of her playing in the family room right now, so that's not a big deal at the moment. 

So let's go over the details, shall we?

My favorite thing is the dresser.
{The UNDONE Blog} Vintage dresser revamp
This was my dresser for basically my whole life until I gave it to Quinn. I wanted to get rid of it, but when I saw a similar dresser that my aunt painted for my cousin, I decided right then that I was going to do the same thing with mine when I had a baby girl. That was 4 years before Quinn was born, so I was holding on to that plan for a while, and I basically designed Quinn's whole room around the dresser.

I didn't do so great at painting it though. There are brush strokes everywhere, but it was my first furniture painting project, and I've learned a lot since then. One day I'm going to sand it down and make it better, but for now I'm lazy.

On top of the dresser I keep a few tins that I found on a super amazing sale at Michael's (like $1.50 each), which I use to keep binkie's, diaper rash cream, teething pills, and just random stuff.
{The UNDONE Blog} Nursery details - jewelry holder for pacifiers and hair accessories
And the cute little jewelry holder used to hold binkie's and binkie clips, but then Quinn started wanting every binkie at once, so I moved them where she couldn't see them and put some hair things on there.

In case all of those pretties displayed on the dresser weren't cute enough, an Audrey Hepburn quote can only add more cuteness, and this quote is so perfect for a little girl's room.
{The UNDONE Blog} Happy Girls are the Prettiest  - perfect quote for a girl's room!
It took me a long time to figure out how I was going to use it. My first idea was vinyl on the wall (because I didn't want to hang a heavy framed picture above her bed, which was there when I made this), but I couldn't find anything big enough that wasn't expensive. So I ended up printing a black and white print of the quote from Staples, and then Mod Podged it on to a canvas with some cute aqua wrapping paper I had. The canvas was on sale and the print was only a couple of dollars, so this was a way cheap project, and I LOVE it! Except I kind of also did a crappy job on this too. It was my first Mod Podge project and there are a few wrinkles. But meh, I still like it.
{The UNDONE Blog} Happy Girls are the Prettiest  - perfect quote for a girl's room!
No nursery is complete without pom poms! These were actually made for her 1st birthday party and then got hung above her bed when she started pulling on the canopy. I decided to just leave them there when I moved the dresser.

Just to the right of the dresser I decided to hang her first coat and some cute tutus on the back of her door, because all of those things are too adorable to be hidden in the closet.
{The UNDONE Blog} Display cute baby clothes!
Then we have the once changing table, now humidifier stand, which was a hand-me-down.
{The UNDONE Blog} Breakfast at Tiffany's Nursery
I made the curtain to make it a little prettier and hide all the diapers and toys that are hanging out down there. But my second favorite thing about this room is the Breakfast at Tiffany's pop art hanging on this wall. When I said the room was basically designed around the dresser, I used the word basically because this picture played a big part in the design too. I bought it before we found out we were having a girl and I stashed it away so Darren wouldn't know! I couldn't leave it at the store!!! Quinn loves it too, well she loves the kitty on her shoulder. lol.

On the last wall we have the one good thing in Quinn's tiny room, which is a huge closet. I've been doing some re-organizing in there lately so we can move all the diapers and toys in there when Quinn moves up to a big girl bed, but that's a whole other post! So I'll just stick to the outside right now. We ended up with an extra valance because our bedding set came with 2 and then my aunt gave us another one with her baby shower gift, but two of them fit perfectly over the closet with a cheap curtain rod from Target, so it worked out great! Valances over a closet, why not?
{The UNDONE Blog} Use a valance over a closet
The bedding was purchased online the day we had the gender ultrasound (I think I spent 20 weeks picking it out. lol) and the crib was Parker's old one. Darren said we could get a new crib, and it would have been nice to get one that matched the other furniture exactly, but babies are expensive and I thought it'd be better to spend the money elsewhere, since this crib functions fine.

Lastly there is this recliner. It used to be my great grandma's and was donated to me from my parents.
{The Undone Blog} recover a lazy boy recliner for the nursery
I amateurly  recovered it to match the room. It was this ugly yellow velvet before, and definitely not baby room friendly. This thing is the most comfy chair ever! I can't tell you how many naps I've taken in it - before and after it was in Quinn's room.

So that's Quinn's room. I've got a few more ideas swimming around for things to add. I feel like the walls are a little bit bare, and I have some frames already, but I haven't decided where to hang them. And you might remember a little while ago that I posted about Quinn getting out of her bed. Well I found out that she did that with a toy box that was close to the crib, and she hasn't done it since we moved it. I think she's going to need to move out of the crib soon though, and Darren said we can get her this Cinderella carriage bed!
The only thing I'm hesitant about is that it's a twin and her room is so small! Ah, but I want that bed for her so bad! And I'm afraid if I don't get it now it will be gone later! What do you guys think, will it match the current decor? Should we take the plunge?

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