Monday, January 7, 2013

1:09 PM on a Saturday {Roll Call}

Another saturday roll call. I honestly almost forgot to do roll call this week. I've been sick and so has gg. SO! Here are your Undone moms on a saturday.
{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:09 pm on a Saturday

Read on to see what we were doing at 1:09

{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:09 pm on a Saturday
Robe: Not sure! It's so comfy though.

Yup. That would be me. 1 in the afternoon. Asleep. In my robe. (that you've all seen before :)) This past week I've been battling laryngitis. No voice, cough, sore throat, stuffy nose. No fun. I tried so hard to stay away from Gracie, but as we all know, it's a little impossible to avoid your kid when you're sick. So needless to say, gg got sick too. I took her to the Dr because she had a really bad cough. The Dr said that it was croup. That night, Grace decided that she wanted to pull an all nighter. It was great! not. She cried all night. Nothing that Jared and I did could console her. Poor thing. She ended up laying on our bedroom floor and fell asleep for an hour. And that was all the sleep we got. So. When Grace finally decided to take a nap, I took full advantage. Hence, my sleepy picture. How do you keep your kids healthy if you get sick? Is it even possible? Let me know!

{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:09 pm on a Saturday
 SHIRT: Old Navy  PANTS: Old Navy  BOOT SOCKS: Pick Your Plum
BOOTS: LEI Walmart  NECKLACE: Groopdealz

As you can tell I kinda like my yellow colored jeans since they are in like every other roll call post. What can I say, they are cute and comfy, not to mention my very favorite color. I am also super excited about my top I got it at Old Navy for only $8.99 regularly $29.95, in fact, I bought one for the original price a couple months ago and loved it so much I got this one and another peach one for the sale price. I can't pass up a good deal or a cute comfy shirt! What can I say?  The boot socks are from this really awesome deal of a day website called Pick Your Plum, it is amazing and my favorite of all the deal sites, you should check them out. I am also kinda loving the top bun lately. I can do it when my hair is wet and it is a fast easy mom hair do, and my hair is finally barely long enough to do it. Yeah I'm kinda lazy when it comes to my hair sometimes, but what mom isn't? Normally on a Saturday in the winter you would find me in sweat pants an a hoodie, but I had my cousin's Baby shower this afternoon so I thought it would be a fun excuse to wear some cute clothes and take advantage of going out of the house for a little bit.The rest of the day was a lazy day I did a few things around the house while the boys were napping and Hubby was at the gun show. He came home with a new gun. And some just because roses for me. I love flowers on an ordinary day they make me feel special and are so unexpected it is fun. The rest of the night we ran a few errands, got Italian village takeout because I didn't feel like cooking, got in bed and watched some Pretty little liars while hubby watch breaking bad side by side. I am so not ready for Ty to go back to school I'll be soaking up Sunday (his last day of break) as much as I can.

{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 1:09 pm on a Saturday
SHIRT: Arizona Jeans - JC Penny, JEANS: Charlotte Russe, BOOTS: MIA shoes - Purchased from - My awesome birthday gift to myself, paid for by Darren

So this shirt - it's fairly new and one of my current favorites. I orded it online and I when it came it was HUGE! Even bigger than the one I tried on at the store, wich was a medium, and this one said it was a small. So I did a little bit of sewing work on it, and I LOVE it! I think I might go back and take the arms in a bit too, when I don't have them rolled up they look a bit funny. Do any of you take in your own clothes? I feel like I do it A LOT. I only have mediocre sewing skills though, so only simple alterations. Anyway, this was a pretty fun day. I was actually out shopping when I got the roll call text because we needed placemats for our NEW TABLE!!! It was just delivered that morning and it was so exciting! We wanted to keep it protected and nice so Parker and I went to Target to have some shopping fun. I might have bought more than just place mats... Don't tell Darren about the stash of ornaments that are in the basement waiting for next Christmas. 


Anonymous said...

I love the blog and I especially LOVE the roll call part!!! I look it at every week!

Tiffany Renee said...

Thanks! We love doing it!

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