Monday, January 21, 2013

2:20 PM on a Sunday {Roll Call}

For some people Sunday is a day to relax, to worship, to be with family, to play (since it is the last day of the Weekend), and for others it can be a crazy day. What type of day is Sunday to you? Come and see what the Undone girls have going on on a Sunday afternoon.

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 DRESS: Old Navy (gifted from hubby on sale only $10)  TIGHTS: Ross (also gifted)
SHOES: Payless  NECKLACE: Very Jane  BRACLETS: Target , UNDERSHIRT: Undercover Mama

Today started out as an interesting morning. I was feeding Holden just like any other morning and he coughed and gagged and spit up everything he had just eaten and I mean everything. It was so much spit up it actually scared me. Poor little guy. Since He seemed to not be feeling well Ty went to church with Maddux and I stayed home with Holden while he took a nap. Then Ty came home and sat with Holden while Me and Maddux went to Sacrament. This picture was taken right after church. We got home I made Maddux lunch, laid him down, fed Holden, laid him down, ate lunch, changed into comfies and watched some Pretty Little Liars. Gotta love Lazy Sundays after church. So I have had my hair up in a top bun for like 2 weeks (as you all probably know by looking at the last few Roll Calls). It is so easy, wash it put it right in a bun and it takes like two seconds. Anyway I thought I would actually do my hair this weekend and thought I would even try something new. You see there is only so much you can do with short hair so I wanted to spice it up a bit. I went ahead and was brave enough to try the middle part and curls. I put a picture of it on instagram and facebook asking if I was able to pull this look off or not. I got some no, but the majority said yes so I am going to go ahead and call this hair do a success and the more I see it the more in love with it I am. So you will probably see this hair do on me quite a bit now. What do you think?

COAT: Obermeyer - purchased at REI in Bozeman MT, SNOWPANTS: Oakley - purchased from Zumiez 3 years ago, GLOVES: Burton - from REI,  BOOTS: Vans - from REI, GOOGLES: Roxy - annnnd.... also from REI
Sooooo.... I might have gone shopping at REI when we were on vacation.... Can you tell? I got totally spoiled by my husband! Merry Christmas to me! I'll be honest, I needed new boots and gloves, and the googles were necessary to go boarding in MT since my sis had my normal ones, but the coat was a TOTAL indulgence and I didn't need it whatsoever - but I LOVE it! And I love Darren for being so good to me! Alright, enough bragging about my awesome man, back to business. You might be able to tell what I was doing this last Sunday - SNOWBOARDING! My favorite activity!!! It was super fun and super FREEZING! Like, less than 0 degrees the whole time. But it was still fun and I love hanging out with my best snowboarding friend! 

SHIRT: I don't know SWEATER: Ross  

I was actually at church when roll call had been called. So I snapped a quick picture when I returned home around 4:30 :) Sundays are crazy at our house. Jared leaves at for church meetings at 8:30am and usually returns home at 5:30pm. Can you say CRAZY?!?! *Takes Deep Breath*

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