Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2:31pm on a Saturday {Roll Call}

Another Saturday Roll Call! I (Hailey) thought it would be fun to do a "Family" roll call because we haven't done one of those for a while. So here are our families...and then some! Let's see what everyone was up to!!!
{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion: 2:31 on a Saturday

Read on to find out more about our whole fam! 

{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion: 2:31 on a Saturday
HAILEY: HOODIE: Ross,  PANTS: Buckle,  
JARED: SHIRT: Abercrombie and Fitch.

Saturdays are always crazy at our house. Especially as of late. Today Jared volunteered for his company to go to a safety fair in South Jordan. He left around 7:30am and returned around 4pm. This left me and Gracie alone for most if the day. We played our hearts out. Then my sister came over and went grocery shopping with us. Isn't it so much easier to go grocery shopping when you have someone to entertain your kid for you? It was great! Later that night Jared's parents visited us and then took us to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was so yummy! And it was good to see them. All in all, it was another fun, productive Saturday!

{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion: 2:31 on a Saturday
DARREN: COMPUTER: I don't know, various parts ordered from various places, SHIRT: shirt.woot
TIFFANY: All Forever 21, except boots - those are from Journeys if you didn't know yet
QUINN: SWEATER: Target, SHIRT: Crazy 8, JEANS: Wrangler - haha! These were Parker's old jeans and I just sewed them into some cute skinnies for Quinn! BOOTS: hand-me-down from my sister

Ah! I've been caught repeating my outfit! Maybe you remember me wearing this exact same look HERE, and almost HERE. At least I had different pants the second time and my hair is different every time! haha! I like these crazy pants, ok! This was a pretty exciting Saturday, which started off with getting Quinn a new bed!!! At the end of her nursery post I mentioned that we were looking at a Cinderella bed for her - well I noticed that it was sold out on the website and I was suddenly filled with anxiety that we wouldn't be able to get it anymore! So I bugged Darren all morning until he took us all out to the furniture store. Then when we got there we saw a "SOLD" tag on the bed! I really almost cried - yeah I'm a loser like that. BUT we got lucky, because they did have one more in the warehouse, but it was missing the netting on the top. That was no big deal though, because I already had the canopy that used to be hanging in Quinn's room, AND it was a little bit less money, so we got it! I have NO CLUE how I'm going to arrange the furniture to make a twin bed fit comfortably in that tiny room, or what bedding I want, but it doesn't matter, Quinn loves the bed! So we'll deal with the details when it gets here on Thursday, I'm sure there will be a post to follow as well! If getting the precious bed wasn't exciting enough I actually got to have even more fun later on when I had a girl's night with my friends! We went to see Silver Linings Playbook in Salt Lake and ended up catching dinner at Applebees, and having a couple of drinks in a place I've never been to, since parking madness made us miss our original movie time! It was a WAY fun night! Never underestimate the rejuvenating properties of girl time! 

{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion: 2:31 on a Saturday
 ME: DRESS: H&M  LEGGINGS: Target TANK: Undercover Mama
EMILEE: SHIRT: Target  JEANS: Walmart
AMMON: JEANS: Walmart  SHIRT: Target
TY: JEANS: Target  SHIRT: Target
HOLDEN: ROMPER: Children's Place

First of all sorry for the blurry picture it was on self timer and terrible lighting not to mention I don't have a fancy shmancy camera...yet :) Second of all no they are not all my kids but they are a part of my family.Tthey are my 3 youngest siblings and the two little boys are mine. Long story short my dad is working in Vegas (because that is where he could get work) and he comes home every 3 weeks to visit well this last weekend instead of him coming home my mom went to go and spend some time just the two of them there for her birthday weekend, so we watched the kids for them so they could have a fun getaway. I don't really know anyone else who deserves it more then them. It has been so hard on both of them to be apart from each other so I know this weekend meant a lot to them and I was so glad that I could help out. Plus I love hanging out with my siblings and Maddux loves playing with them too. Saturday we just hung out, played, shopped and visited Ty's family. It was relaxed and fun. After this weekend I kinda have a feel of what it is like to have five kids. Taking them to school, picking them up at different times, running errands with the littlest ones, driving a van around (which I am so a SUV type of girl but I kinda want a mini van after driving my mom's the last few days), getting them all ready in the morning, trying to keep them entertained and so on. Good practice for the future I suppose. It was a party this weekend :)

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