Wednesday, January 2, 2013

9:00 PM on a Saturday {Roll Call}

Christmas has come and gone, but for some the festivities continue on into the new year. What were the Undone ladies the Saturday night after Christmas. Lets find out.

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 PJS: Forever Lazy 
from Edwin the Elf My Christmas Eve Jammies this year

You better believe I have onesie jammies. They are so comfortable I could wear them all day long in the winter time. Oh and they are like 2 sizes too big which makes them even more comfortable. Forever lazy baby.  My older sister and her family are here visiting for the holidays from Canada and part of the time they came and stayed at our house. Saturday night at nine o'clock we had just put the kids to bed and broke out the games. We stayed up until the wee hours of the morning (about 1:30 am) playing games, laughing, joking, talking and answering trivia. It was fun and I was so comfy while all this was goin down. You know you are jealous.
SHIRT: Old Navy  PANTS:Old Navy  BOOTS: Tillys
I hit a great sale at Old Navy! The pants and shirt were like $23 all together

Here I am after a long day of family photos. Hence, the dressed up look. Otherwise I would probably be in my jammies :) I've never owned a pair of white pants before, and I must say...I LIKE them!!!

SWEATER: Forever 21, JEANS: Arizona Jeans from JC Penny, SOCKS: Aeropostale

Sorry for the crappiest picture on the planet, my head was getting cut off when I was standing up, so that's why you get this cool pose.  This was on the last day of my super fun vacation in Montana. We were supposed to be driving home at this time, but we decided to stay an extra night so we would have to drive through the treacherous canyon in the dark (the truth is Darren was working on a brain teaser puzzle thing and he didn't want to leave without finishing it). Right here I'm putting Quinn to bed. This was probably the most relaxing day of our vacation. We just did a little bit of shopping at REI and Target (so my aunt has an actual Target and not a Super Target, but it was the same size only without groceries! So AWESOME!!!), then we relaxed a bit, went out to dinner, then came back and watched a movie. Fun times. The next day we got up at 8 am to begin the trip home. Not so fun. It's sad when vacations end. On a side note, do you love how I'm wearing almost the same outfit as the last roll call? I like what I like! It's even better because I wore it again the next day since we already had our bags backed in the car when we thought we were going to leave on Saturday. No judging.  

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