Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dog Days {Frequent Frustrations}

Go ahead and turn me in to PETA if you want, because I have a serious confession. I'm not a dog person. Gasp! I know! My husband has a really hard time grasping the concept that someone can be anything less than completely ecstatic in the presence of a dog, and he gets upset with me for getting upset when the dog licks me. But I just don't care for dogs! I don't like the way they smell, I don't like having their hair all over everything, and I don't like cleaning up after them.

I didn't really have such an aversion to canines until I was a teenager. We always had dogs when I was little, often more than one, and I never had a problem with any of them. I'd say things changed when I got the age that I cared about hair and funky smells getting all over my things. And then I really started disliking dogs when my sister got a Chocolate Lab before I moved out of my parents house.  That dog chewed up a few precious things and pretty much put the final nail in the coffin for my feelings towards dogs.

After all of that would you be surprised to hear that I live with a German Shepherd? The only reason for this is that I love Darren and he is crazy about dogs! Also, he got her before I lived with him, because he's smart like that, and I couldn't say no then. He did let me pick between the girl and the boy dog though, since I would be living with him eventually. Of course I chose the smaller girl dog.
I thought it would be ok, because I had German Shepherd when I was a kid and I did like that dog a lot. Plus she was adorable when she was a puppy. I never said I didn't like puppies! In fact, I LOVED Emelie when she was a puppy. I would sit her on my lap and play with all of the time. But sadly folks, nothing gold can stay. I didn't live with her then, and I realized that all animals are fine when you don't live with them.
Now that she's grown up and I spend every single day at home with her, I have quite a different opinion about my dog. I wouldn't say that I hate her, but I'm definitely frequently frustrated by her!

Lately she's been getting on the furniture when we're gone, so I have to pile tons of stuff on the couch to keep her off it. Not like that is too hard to do, but it'd be nicer if I didn't have to worry about it.

I'm more aggravated by the stuff she does when I'm home though.

Like following me everywhere all the time at a distance of 2 inches. My dog has no concept of personal space! I'm constantly tripping over her!

She barks like crazy, we eventually had to get her a bark collar to keep her from scaring the neighbor kids.

She's always hitting Quinn in the face with her tail, or completely knocking her over.

She freaks out any time ANYONE comes to the door, and she will jump on people when they come in.

She licks me and it's gross.

And probably the most annoying thing of all about my dog is the SHEDDING! Ah, the shedding, I can't take it. Look at my zebra couch, can you see the hair on it? That's not really bad, and this picture isn't even showing you how much is there.
This is in every room of my house. I've seriously been in tears over dog hair, it's so out of control. I have to vacuum constantly and there is still hair everywhere. Quinn's favorite blanket is coated in the stuff because she drags it everywhere and even plays in the dog kennel with it. And no matter how hard I try to keep it off me, it's just no use. Every time I look at my black pea coat I die a little inside. Whenever I leave I spend so much time cleaning it off off with the sticky rolly thing (ah, the sticky rolly thing is the only thing keeping my sanity) and it's already got hair on it again before I get to the car! I blame Quinn's blanket for transferring most of the dog hair to my coat.

Gah, you guys, it's so gross! I'm losing my mind over it! I'm basically to the point where I settle for things being mostly dog hair free, because nothing is ever completely clean. What was I thinking with a German Shepherd? I guess when I was 8 I didn't notice the dog hair. But I feel so bad when my kids' toys are covered in dog hair because, of course, they're always on the floor. I've seriously been picking dog hair out of the Barbie's hair. Poor Pocahontas looks like she's sprouting grays!
Does anyone have any good tips for containing dog hair? We have the Furminator brush, but Darren never brushes her! Maybe I should just "remind" him to do it more often. I also try to vacuum a lot, but the floor has to be clear to vacuum, and Quinn likes to make sure she's counterproductive to that goal. And really, I've got to vacuum every day to help. So I guess I just need to decide if I hate dog hair more than I like being lazy?

Bleh. At least my fence is back up so I can put her outside and I she isn't constantly right next to me. Sorry people, I'm just REALLY not a dog person.  But, like I said, Darren is, and after all that whining I just did about my dog, I went and entered a photo of her into a contest at the local radio station. The grand prize is a meet and greet with Cesar Milan (he's The Dog Whisperer, if you didn't know) and tickets to his show in Salt Lake City! I could really care less about this, but Darren LOVES Cesar, so I did it for him, just like I live with a dog for him. So if you're not too busy right now I would love you forever if you voted for us!

THIS is Emelie's entry. Did I mention that she likes to eat cat poop? Because she does. Lovely, right?
Vote as many times as you want, and give everyone else a 1 if you feel like it. I really hope we win, I can't tell you how many episodes of The Dog Whisperer I've seen, and as you've leaned, I'm not a dog person!


Lindsey Pfuhl said...

Thank you for this. I ALMOST thought I wanted another dog... Then I read this and remembered how most days I can't stand Whiskey. I love her but gahhhh! She gets hair and DROOL everywhere. The drool is out of control! My problem is I think puppies are so cute, so I want one. But I don't. So thank you. No more dogs for us.

Tiffany Renee said...

I think drool would put me over the edge! I'd probably need to be committed! lol. Puppies are a dirty little trick from the universe, they're TOO adorable! Seriously I don't really like dogs at all, but I LOVE puppies. I told Darren if we ever get another dog it's going to be a little one that doesn't shed at all and will stay a forever puppy! If the dog was cute forever I might be more forgiving of the annoying things I have to deal with. lol.

Flynn Hoadley said...

Awesome stuff! Thank you and keep coming with these, will be back again.

All the best,

Flynn Hoadley
Explained Here

Kristie said...

I have a dog and most days I would agree with you.
But I will say this. My hubby was awesome at training our dog when we got her. She doesn't bark. Unless you shut her tail in the door on accident, or step on her. She is the most gentle dog with the kids. But she is also the laziest dog ever.
We don't leave our dog out to wander the house when we are gone. And she knows she isn't allowed in the kids rooms, or on the couches. She has a kennel that she sleeps in each night, and stays in while I am gone running errands, etc. And she doesn't seem to mind about it at all.
Good luck with the dog and the hair. I use a people hair brush. I just found one at Sallys for a dollar or two. I also have a dog that has short hair.
Oh, and one more thing. Rather than wait for the hubs to do everything for the dog, try doing it with the mindset that it is service. It might give you a different perspective on the dog.

Tiffany Renee said...

Thanks for the comment, Kristie!
Our dog is actually pretty well trained too. Not PERFECTLY, obviously, but she follows commands well. But she doesn't get walked as much as she should so she is pretty hyper, and bad about people coming to the door too. Gah, I don't think I wrote about THAT lovely trait! lol. I actually have tried to walk her, but it's pretty hard for me because I can't control her as well as Darren, and since I have to take Quinn with it doesn't work out well, so that task has been mostly left to Darren for that reason.
I do also brush her sometimes too, but did I mention how much I hate dog hair? Yeah, brushing her basically covers me in it, and it grosses me out! Truthfully, brushing her wouldn't be service to Darren though. lol. He isn't bothered about dog hair at all. Well maybe it would alleviate him from some of my complaining. haha! I've heard about a vacuum attachment for our dog brush though, so maybe that would help make it less gross for me?
Mostly she is actually a well behaved dog though, (I think I'd be in an institution if I had a "bad" dog!) she doesn't chew or go to the bathroom in the house. She never got on the furniture until our fence fell down and Darren started taking her to "doggy daycare" once a week to give me some dog free time. They have a couch there FOR the dogs to jump on, so I KNOW that's why she get's on the couch when we're gone. Sort of ironic that was meant to help me be less irritated with the dog has caused a bad habit!
If it were up to me she wouldn't wonder the house when we are out, because that's when she eats the cat poop and gets on the furniture. But Darren is soft. Whenever I leave in the day she is either outside or in the kennel.
Seriously, I'm just not a dog person. I'm SOOOOO happy that our fence is fixed and it's nice weather though, because now she can be outside and I can have break! It's been the constant exposure that has made me a little crazy. Also there is less dog hair in the house when the dog spends less time in it :)

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