Friday, January 11, 2013

Gracie's Nursery {Daily Diaries}

The Undone Moms and I thought that it would be fun to show one of our favorite rooms in our house and tell you why it's our "favorite". This way, you might find some ideas that you want to incorporate in your home. OR! You can just get to know us/our style better! So I'm going to introduce my favorite room first! Here you go!

Reminder! Grace is my first child. I had time and somewhat of a budget when Jared and I created her room. It's a lot easier planning and getting things done when you don't already have a little one running around. I don't think our future children's rooms will even be half as cute as what Gracie's is now. I guess what I'm trying to say is, now that I'm a mom, the decor, colors, quilt's, pillows, etc don't matter as much as I thought they would. Grace doesn't even pay attention to those things. She loves the silly little toys, the picture of Jesus, and pointing to her name on wall saying "Gees. Gees." more than the amour and bookshelf that took me days and days to repaint and shabby chic. Lol! It's the little things :)

Here is a picture of her room when standing in her doorway. Cute, eh?

{UNDONE} Awesome Nursery Mural!

This painting on the wall was done by my mother. Most people don't know this, but she is an amazing artist. We painted the wall that pretty blue color and then my mom chalked up an outline of a tree and started painting! Didn't she do great? This is probably my favorite part of Gracie's room. The dresser on the left hand side is supposed to be a changing table. My parents bought that at a yard sale years ago and gave it to me when I was living in Provo. I think I've used that changing table like once or twice. lol! It acts as nice storage for Gracies diapers and such. The toy bins on the right of the crib were a Christmas gift to Grace this past Christmas from my parents. It's so nice to have! Grace loves pulling things out and putting them away. The crib is from JCPenny's. It was kind of expensive, I won't lie. But a crib is one thing that I wasn't going to scrimp on. It's so important to have a safe crib.

This is a bookshelf that I found at the D.I. It was $15! I just sanded it, repainted it, and taped paper to the back of the bookshelf to give it some color. I love it. And so does Grace!

{The UNDONE Blog} Shabby Chic bookcase revamp - make a second hand bookcase look awesome!

Here is another spectacular find at the D.I. It was $10. This was actually an old T.V. stand. We tore the back of the tv stand off and put up a slab of beadboard that my neighbor gave us for free. Then we sanded it, repainted it, shabby chic-ed the edges, bought some knobs from Anthropology, and put a tension rod inside. Taaadaaaaa!!!! This is Gracie's armoire! So fancy, huh? I hang all of her cute little church dresses inside. I plan to use it for her dress up clothes one day. I think she come to love it as she gets older. The butterflies hanging above her armoire are from the McKaydee hospital gift shop. They actually have some really cute stuff in there! This is definitely my second favorite piece of furniture in Gracie's room.

{The UNDONE Blog} TV Stand Turned Armoire

{The UNDONE Blog} TV Stand Turned Armoire

{The UNDONE Blog} TV Stand Turned Armoire

{The UNDONE Blog} TV Stand Turned Armoire

Jared and I made these cute "Grace" letters with some letters and scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. Don't you love that store?

{The UNDONE Blog} Dress up craft store letters with scrapbook paper and hang them above the closet!

Well, there you have it! My favorite room in the house. It's probably my most favorite because Jared and I put so much time into it. We had to have it just perfect for when Gracie arrived. It suits her to a "T". I hope you've enjoyed my little tour!

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Tiffany Renee said...

I LOVE it, Hailey!!!! That armoir is to die for!!! So is the book case! You did awesome! Rooms are always the best when you put so much love and effort into them. I wish Quinn's room was big enough to have a dress up armoir and a cute bookcase! Oh, also, your mom did fabulous! She's got mad skills!

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