Friday, January 18, 2013

Mannequin Mayhem! {Frequent Frustrations}

Ever since Gracie was a infant, she's been deathly afraid of certain things. And I mean DEATHLY. For example; cats, dogs, teddy bears, anything that looks furry, my faux fur vest, halloween decor, Santa, Barbies with black hair, men with beards, moles on peoples faces, etc. She is spooked ALL the time. I swear! I'm constantly making sure that she comfortable and that the environment around her is free of "scary" things. It's really exhausting sometimes! Gracie's newest "thing" that she's afraid of is mannequins. I guess I can kind of relate. Those faceless, stiff, lifeless things have an erie-ness about them. I had a really funny experience with Grace and some mannequins back in December. My mom, my sister, gg, and I all went Christmas shopping and I let Grace out of the stroller and run around in the department store. We passed a few mannequins when I realized that Grace wasn't by my side anymore. I looked back and this is what I saw.

Pretty funny, right? She hates the mannequins! But this is how she acts all the time! Except for when she see's something that she REALLY doesn't like, she shudders for like an hour afterwards! Are any of your kids like this? Keep in mind, this was a very mild case of the "scaredy-cat's" for Gracie. It's usually a full blown shudder fest. She's quite animated. This whole thing is very crazy to me, because Jared and I have never taught her to be afraid of anything. It's seriously like a phobia. I don't get it. And I want to help Grace overcome her fears...of everything. Lol! Anyways. If you have any tips or tricks on how to keep your kids from being afraid of life, let me know. 

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