Thursday, January 31, 2013

Messy Mommy {Daily Diaries}

Lately it seems like most of the spills and disasters in the house are coming from me and not the kids.  Ok, maybe not most - but I shouldn't be making ANY messes!  I've been a spilling, stumbling, dirty ole mess and I need to get my act together!

A couple of days ago I knocked a full cup of iced tea off the counter.
Oh man, that was a BIG mess! It would have been a lot better if it were just water and not something sticky! Well at least it finally got me to mop the kitchen and clean the appliances.

Then today I spilled a whole box of Mike and Ike.
At least those were easy to clean up.

Finally, check out the worst of the mess making - this nice pink stain is from me.
That's right, I spilled red Kool-aid on the floor. This was awful because as I was cleaning it up I knocked the cup over AGAIN, and made the mess even worse.

Geesh, I thought I was the mess cleaner, not the mess maker! It's just too bad that there's no one to swoop in behind me and take care of it all like I do for the kids. Nope. Just me. I've really got to stop making more work for myself!

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