Monday, January 14, 2013

4:00 PM on a Thursday {Roll Call}

Holy snowstorm Batman! I don't know how the weather is where you are, but in Utah this last week it has been crazy snowy and cold! Let's see how our Undone ladies are handling the winter weather on a Thursday afternoon. 
{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 4:00 PM on a Thursday

Read on to find out all about our crazy days! 

{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 4:00 PM on a Thursday
HOODIE: Nike - purchased from some sporting goods store in Cedar City, JEANS: Um, Wet Seal I think, 

I don't know if I could possibly look any more silly or grungy! Sorry for the stupid face, I was getting bored of my usual cool pose, and I felt like I need to spice things up. So... this day I basically did NOTHING! About an hour or so before this photo I was still wearing my PJ pants, and I only threw on these jeans to pick Parker up from school. I still kept on my PJ shirt, and don't let the hoodie fool you, there's no bra under there. TMI? Oops! It was the beginning of a crazy snow storm, so I feel justified in my laziness. It's ok not to get dressed when it's snowing outside. lol. Ok, really I was planning on going to my parents' to help my sister paint her room after Parker was out of school. I didn't feel like getting dressed and ready just to put my painting clothes on later. BUT then the snow put an end to that plan and I just ended up being lazy. At least I put jeans on! Even if I didn't brush my hair or remove yesterday's mascara...

{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 4:00 PM on a Thursday

It's no secret, I love Vickies pj items. These are brand new from Christmas! I didn't do much this day due to the massive snow storm that was setting in. And with gg being sick still, there was no need to really get ready for the day. I did, however, color and cut my moms hair. It was so fun to have her over and chit chat. My dad even came over and kept gg company while we were busy playing beauty shop. And can I just mom is still as beautiful as ever. I hope I get her aging genes, because she ages so well! The rest of the day was spent with gg by my side. Poor Jared got off of work at 6pm and didn't get home till 8:45pm that night. What usually takes him an hour to get home took him almost 2 hours longer than usual. I had some wonderful friends to keep me company while Jared was making the trek home. We talked about how life is never easy and how we have to ride the up's and downs like we would a wave in the ocean. My friends are awesome and always have some sweet insight to life's crazy plans. And one of my friends made cupcakes for us! All in all, this was a good day!

{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 4:00 PM on a Thursday
SWEAT PANTS: Downeast Outfitters  T-SHIRT: Senior High School shirt
SLIPPERS: Aeropostale 

You better believe this is what I looked like in the middle of the day on Thursday. Like I have said before, Thursdays are my cleaning and laundry days, so pretty much every roll call on a Thursday I will be in some sort of comfy attire. And this day I was even sportin the slippers since it is freezing lately. It is so cold outside my house can't warm up fast enough. When roll call was called I had just finished cleaning, put the boys down for a nap and started working on some craft projects. I decided I might as well stay in my comfies for crafting too :) Right after this picture I got a little more dressed up because the plan was for me to pick up Ty from school and head up to Syracuse for my cute little brother Zach's 13th birthday dinner and celebration. Well when I left my house the snow wasn't so bad so I kept with the plan and headed up to the U to pick up Ty. As I drove it got worse and worse and I was scared to drive anymore so I got off an exit and hung out with the boys in the car until Ty could find a ride and come and rescue us. We were waiting in the car for 45 minutes. We sung, danced and talked to keep entertained. Oh and Holden had a blow out in the car so that was fun, luckily I had a change of clothes in the car. We finally got rescued at about 6:30, so we decided it was not worth trying to drive in the horrible storm all the way up to Syracuse so we made our way back home. And you better believe I jumped right back into these comfy clothes and turned on the fire just as we walked back into our house. What a day. At least I got the house cleaned.

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